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  1. Yes, that was the problem. Working 100% again thanks guys. I must say that Zero 88 support is outstanding, especially for equipment that is way way out of production. Regards Chris
  2. That sounds promising. Can you give me instructions on the correct procedure for opening the Frog 2 please? Chris
  3. Edward Just sent you an email. Thanks, Chris
  4. I wanted to add a fixture to the list so I used the Fixture Editor to create the file ( See attached LIXDA1.ift ). It is for a simple LED PAR by LIXDA and consisted of just the RGBW and the brightness channels, although it is somewhat unusual in that the channels of interest start at CH4 and skip the first 3. I imported the file into the desk which did not give an error then I added the fixture and went to test the functionality and found that the dimmer control, along with the Blue and Green channels would respond to the control wheel but the Red and White channels remained on 0. In case I had made the file incorrectly I re-made and re-imported after resetting the desk and clearing all, but this had the same result. It was then that I noticed that the center wheel was not now working on any of the fixtures even after the desk was reset and cleared when a known and previously good fixture was imported. I went into the Event Monitor which showed that wheel 0 and wheel 2 were showing events but wheel 1 showed nothing when moved. Is there a possibility of an .ift file causing a program glitch such that the wheel event would fail? It seems odd that a system that had never shown any sign of failure should fail at the exact same time as a file was imported. If so can this be fixed by re-installing the operating system, and if not how difficult would it be to fix the hardware? Thanks, Chris LIXDA1.ift
  5. Thanks Edward, that solves the issue. Thanks for the assistance. Regards Cris
  6. Further to the above I noticed that on the Desktop buttons there is one marked Programming on it but when pressed it brings up the Panel window. I have attached pics.
  7. Edward don’t you guys ever take a day off 😃 The Program Window option is not present. I have attached a picture. cheers Chris
  8. Edward Thanks for such a quick response, I hadn’t expected it on New Years Eve! You guys are good. I have attached three pictures. The first shows the display on screen one, which was blank as I had closed down all screens on both displays. The next shows the display after pressing the Program Window button on the LCD, which is shown in the third picture. Does this help? regards Chris oh, and Happy New Year to you all at Zero88!
  9. Been going through the Operating Manual and have hit upon an issue. On the Frog2 LCD when I press the Program Window button on the screen the window that appears on monitor one is the Fixtures window. The button is pressing, and even makes a click, but it only displays the fixture window. Am I doing something wrong, or have misread? any help appreciated chris running
  10. I suspected as much. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated. chris
  11. Thanks Edward that is very useful. I have discovered how to assign the dmx channels to UDF’s so I can duplicate the methodology I normally use. By patching fixtures 1 to 48 as dimmers in universe 1 and then assigning fixtures 1 to 48 to UDF1 to 48 I can now set up the lights in the same way I usually do. The movers I have put in universe 2 and so far that seems to be working just fine also. One thing that I’m not sure about though, Is there a quicker way to assign the fixtures to the UDF without having to do each one separately? Sort of 1 THRU 48 RECORD UDF 1 and have it automatically save the rest? chris
  12. Thanks Edward. I have the manual and the latest Frog2 O/S and although there seem to be a few bugs it seems to basically work OK. What I find is that although the manual seems to cover the topics it sort of assumes you are steeped in the way of the Zero88 methodology. What I was hoping to find was a sort of set of work-flow examples. Take for example the theatres that I have run lights in, which for the most part have been Strand or similar desks, universe 1 has simple dimmer packs on the first 48 channels and universe 2 has the multicolour LED's. Each of the standard fixtures is mapped to the a fader so to set up a scene you simply adjust the faders and then record the cue. I'm sure that this must be possible on the Frog2 but I don't seem to be able to find a way to do it. I hev managed to program cues and have even got moving head and multi-color LED's programmed as cues, but often I struggle to remember just how I managed to do it. I am gradually getting to grips with the desk, and as I said before I'm pretty sure that once I get the hang of it I will really get to like it. It's just that the learning curve seems quite steep at the moment. Chris
  13. Chris Mower

    Learning ZerOs

    I have been trying to locate a resource for learning ZerOs but without much success. I have downloaded the manuals and have made some progress but it’s hard going as they don’t really start with the fundamentals of how ZerOs works. My background is in amateur theatre and I previously always used Strand desks, so Zero88 desks seem completely alien. I have used them on a couple of shows and although they were hard going I managed to program them, but never felt at ease because of the lack of basic understanding. However, what I saw of the desks intrigued me and I did feel that if I could get a good understanding of the fundamentals then I’m pretty sure I would really like them. To that end I bought a second hand Frog2 on eBay and have made a start. So I guess my question boils down to Is there a book or dvd or whathaveyou that teaches ZerOs for beginners?
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