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    Print Patch

    No problems at all, Edward. I’m just updating our venue tech spec doc and fancied including the default patch as a table for convenience. Won’t take 2 shakes to type it out as we only have a small rig. Thanks as always Tom
  2. TomJosephSmith

    Print Patch

    Hi Edward Just wondering if this feature is now included, and if so how do we go about exporting our patch sheet? Many thanks Tom
  3. Ok brilliant That's great. This will be an excellent use of space on the desk as I only ever use a handful of palettes for beamshape / position. Really pleased you've mentioned this feature too because I think I'll find myself falling back to an empty 'patch+palettes' showfile quite often and building up playbacks from there for a specific show. I can store common 'looks' on palettes that I use regularly and just tweak them ready to create playbacks/cues for different shows, another great speedy programming tool. I think I'm going to have a good first year with the console. It was
  4. Edward, I knew you'd save me!!! Excellent tips. Why on earth didn't I think of using cuestacks for these things? That's actually given me a few more ideas now....hmm. I think a big improvement for my busking showfile would be to use a cuestack for my movement effects also...... and come to think of it I could use cuestacks to create groups of looks that incorporate effects that I could 'go' through during songs, selecting cues on the touchscreen. As long as I name things properly I could cram quite a lot in. Typing as I think here but yes, this tip will unlock a lot for me and free up faders,
  5. Hi guys Loving my FLX S24 so far! What I'm about to ask would be pretty much solved if I had purchased the S48 instead as admittedly I appear to be right on the limit of the playback capabilities of the S24, but budget was the main consideration and I couldn't stretch to the S48 given the lowish number of events I do every year. My question revolves around 'less used' elements of the rig, things that you may need to access only 2 or 3 times or possibly even once during a performance. All of the below are things I currently dedicate faders to but wish I didn't have to. Below are a few
  6. Alex / Edward - thank you very much for your help. I now have a new profile for my fixture including a reset macro which I will test with the fixtures themselves next week. I took delivery of my console yesterday and I've been playing with it for hours. Even though I haven't connected a single light yet, I couldn't be happier. The hardware is very solid and the software is so snappy. My first show of the year isn't until February 15th so I've got loads of time to get used to my new desk. I'll be taking it into my venue beginning of next week to have a proper play with a full rig. I'
  7. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! So I'm hoping to order my console 1st week of Jan. In the meantime I've been playing around with Phantom ZerOS and it's given me a great feel for the OS, which by the way has improved in so many ways since I last used it. Quick question regarding fixture profiles for movers and how they work with macros. I patched my venue rig and noticed that one type of mover we have did not display the macro tab when selected. I downloaded the fixture type editor software to inspect the fixture profile and indeed there are no macros set up for this particular
  8. Pic very much appreciated along with the list of items. Many thanks!
  9. That's fantastic, Edward. Thank you for that. Do you know of any FLX S users using iPad stands that give a nice working height behind the desk? Something that clips on to the console would be even better, like the mount included with the Chamsys QuickQ. Tom
  10. Edward, thanks so much for such a speedy response and answering all of my questions! I really appreciate the explanation regarding colour. that all makes total sense. Ahh excellent! If I was to page lock a fader, am I right in thinking this essentially then occupies 2 playbacks, one on each page? How many effects palettes are available for effects I modify on top of the 45 included? One question I forgot to add to my original post. I remember on my Leap Frog there were various options to change the window layout on the external monitor. If I was
  11. Hi everyone This is my first post so thanks for having me I'm looking at purchasing an FLX S24 in the new year and I have a few questions before I do. For the past few years I've been running a Martin M-PC setup with an M-Play faderwing. It's great kit but I want to swap back to a dedicated console for a few reasons. I'm tired of laptops with separate bits and bobs and cables everywhere etc, I just want a nice clean / simple console to plug in and go without worrying about Windows updates and all of that mundane stuff. I also can't stand the way the touch faders take the 'fee
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