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  1. So custom fixtures are stored when saving a complete show but then if you reset the desk, those custom fixtures do not stay in the desk and are only available when you load that showfile again? We have a couple of different venues with our site that we use the desk in, each with different fixtures so would the recommended way of moving the desk between rooms be to delete fixtures, playbacks and palettes etc but not to reset the desk so the custom fixture files stay on there? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm a little confused by custom fixture files and when happens to them when you reset the desk (FLX) I have ended up with various show files, each containing custom fixture files but no one showfile has all of them in. Unfortunately I no longer have the files on computer for each of custom one I made. Is there a was of exporting fixture files of the desk to I can load them into a different showfile? Thanks.
  3. It was only a 30 minute show, run 3 times on the bounce for our students! Only 27 lighting cues and 10 sound, so nothing too complex really, its was just using movers in that way for the first time that was causing me issues!
  4. Well I had to update the position fir each set of repeats as I guessing it didn't track forwards as the original position was classed as new data for the position, but creating the palette, outputting each cue, selecting the lights, tapping the position palate and pressing update with smart tag enabled did the trick. All three showings of the panto went well. Thanks for your help both of you. Next show is our annual whole school production which unfortunately comes before the training course next year but I'm sure we'll get by. Thanks for your help again, have a merry christmas!
  5. So I guess I leave smart tag on when pressing update so only the position is tagged and gets updated and tracks forward so the following cue will keep its original intensity of 0 then the cue after that where the intensity is back at 100 again will have the new updated position automatically as it has tracked forward?
  6. Sorry me again, 2 questions: - Say the position I used for the movers for the spotlight needed changing (I didn't use a palate, silly me), could I just change it in the first 1 of the 3 repeats and that new position would track forward to the other 2 cues they are used? Or should I record a position palate, then output each cue individually, move the lights to the position palate then update? Would I need to change anything on the update screen to just update the position, like turn off smart tag ir update cue only? 2. If I now wanted to insert a cue (with tracking enabled) would the lighting I changed in the new inserted que move forward into the next cue of is that when I need to hold down record and press cue only or dont track forward? Thanks again.
  7. I managed to sort it, don't know how though The next cue, they were used is is the first is a set of 2 cues repeated 3 times for 3 different monologues to the position data had stayed all the way through, and I copied the cues for the 3 repeats so on each one they were reverting back to their positions for the audience search, but i managed to update each one so now they stay still and just the intensity goes off and on each time, no idea how I did it. Thanks for your help both. Already emailed! Thanks
  8. Oh yeah it is definitely user trouble! I'm hopefully booking a place on one of the training dates next year! The venue/room is being used at the moment but its free at 10 so I can go and test!
  9. The effect has stopped on the next cues, this lights stay still, they just don't move to the next position they will be used in until that cue is called.
  10. So now I have the full show programmed, if I go to the cue when the effect stops, select the movers, hold update, turn smart tag off, this should sort it? (desk is in tracking mode now) Thanks
  11. Thanks , I managed to get the effect to stop as Kgallen suggested. Following on from this, the movers revert back to the position applied in the cue that makes the audience search in the following cues then dont move on dark to the position needed next until that cue is called. So further down the cue list I have them both pointing at a single spot on stage but the stay in the position used for that audience search cue until i call the cue for the single spot, then they come on then move to where I want them while on.
  12. Yeah im trying to program ours now! Here is the windows I get when I hold update.... Thanks
  13. I did think it was something to do with that so I tried holding down update but didnt get that smart tag options. I'll have another check in a second. Thanks
  14. Hi Edward, I have created the audience search I was after and it works well. Thanks Problem is when i create the next cue, which is two profiles focused on the narrators, i took the intensity down to 0 on the movers, pressed no effect on the effects page and the turned off and stopped moving. Recorded the next cue and it was all good. That was until I went through all my cues and when I got to the cues after the audience search, the movers carried on moving moving to the circle effect again but with no intensity, and all though out the subsequent cues I made, moving to the previous effect I had set but with no intensity. Where am I going wrong. I have the desk in cue only mode. Thanks
  15. Couldn't seem to get this to work, when I used Shift + View to go back the cursor was still in the channel window, not the cue list. If I remember, going into setup and back out again moved the cursor into the cue list but I'll confirm that later.
  16. I've been using the FLX for some time now without understanding a lot of the features, it's been pretty much turn it on and go (says something about the intuitiveness of the desk ) without really knowing what mode the desk has been in but after playing around with some more advanced settings I cant get my head round smart tag. I understand tracking, where and changes I make to a cue will be tracked into the next cues etc but I cant figure out smart tag. When you change a parameter, that gets tagged, so when you press record, the tagged parameter gets recorded but the manual says any fixtures with an intensity of 0 will not be recorded. Does this mean that if in cue 5, I have 5 lights on at 100 % then bring one of them down to 0% and record cue 6, that change wont get recorded as the intensity is at 0% Sorry if this is a silly question, just trying to understand.
  17. Thanks'll I'll check this out tomorrow!
  18. I operate an flx with just a monitor, not a touchscreen and like to use a keyboard on the console controls to move around the cue list and set fade times for colours and intensities etc. Sometimes the "cursor" (the bit I'm selecting with the left, right, up & down arrow keys on the keyboard) gets itself up onto the fixture list so when I move left and right it just moves along the fixtures. Through some kind of dark art I manage to get it back onto the cue list by pressing the view button lots of times and other buttons but dint know exactly how I've done it. What is the way, without a touchscreen, to get the cursor down onto the cue list when it is up on the fixture list? Thanks
  19. Hi Edward, Thanks for replying so quickly. I see what you mean, in my head, the position effect was applied to the fixture from its home position, I.e pointing straight down. I didn't realise that it would be applied at what position I had set the light at. Thanks
  20. Hi, We've just had some funding to purchase a pair of moving heads, although I've used some before it's always been in the style of cue 1 point them here, cue 2 off cue 3 - on and points some where else etc, never in the style of moving them when they are on. I know there are built in effects for position on the FLX but how would I go about creating a cue where they move where I want them to in a pattern, for example in an audience search where they just move around on the audience. In my head the answer is to record a set of positions in a chase but would this give me nice smooth curves when they move or would they just go in a straight line from point to point, is the answer to this to increase the amount of steps in the chase? Thanks
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