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  1. Hi Edward, Thanks for confirming and making the feature request so quickly.
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this has been bought up before, I did a search and couldn't find anything. So yesterday I had the great opportunity and experience of taking a group of our students to our local theatre to perform as past of the National Theatre Connections program. They had a range of ETC consoles, which of course I didn't know how to use but their technicians were able to program our show from my cue list and could then leave us to run the rehershals and actuall evening show ourselves. Obviously I didn't have many take aways from using the ETC (think it was some kind of GIO, the had a large one with two built in screens plus a remote one for me to run the show from) as I was mostly pressing a go button, but what their tech was doing seemed pretty straight forward. The one big take away I did have though was the external monitor was able to be in portrait mode, so I could pretty much see all my queues on one screen. So my question is, can the FLX switch its external monitor to portrait mode? I can't find a setting fir it so I'm guessing not, but thought I'd ask. Thanks
  3. Hi Edward, I mean, I presume everything is rated to 15 amps, they cables and splitters all have 15 amp sockets and pins on them so..... Thanks
  4. Hi I have a couple of chilli Jr's and couple of betapack 3's. I know both are capable for 10A per channel but my question is does this have to be split over the 2 sockets of each channel. My situation is the sockets on the ends of the 15A cable runs from the dimmer room are not in the best position for how we use the space any more and I have a handful of 15A extention cables of a couple of meters each that I use to get round this. But I need to use more than I have for an event next week so is it feisable to use a 15A double socket on the end of 1 channel run and plug two 1000w par64's on the end. I'm not going over the 10A limit, but is it OK that its all coming off 1 of the channel sockets, not both. Thanks
  5. Ah, I didn't know the shift and record was just a shortcut for snapshot, thought it was some magic key combination! Thanks
  6. Techie_v2

    Stopping effects

    Hi again Question about stopping effects at the same time as setting intensity to 0. Obviously, if you set a light to no effect and set the intensity to 0, normally the light would turn off but the effect will still run as smarttag has ignored everything as the intensity is at 0. The way I have tought myself to get round this is when recording the cue where the effect stops, is to turn smart tag off and them make sure the effect attribute is selected. How ever I have just seen another forum post that says to stop effects you can hold shift when pressing record. Which would be the best practise way to do this as sometimes when turning smarttag off, I forget to turn it back on for the next cue recording? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I've got a programming session all day tomorrow and for the first time I'm going to be using moving wash lights for most of the show. I was just wondering, how does copy and pasting cues affect effects. For an utterly pointless example, say I had 4 moving wash lights on a narrow beam running in a circle effect on say cue 4, if I copied cue 4 to cue 5, would the effect carry on for the lights current position or would they all reset then start the circle effect again when running the show form cue 4 to cue 5. I realise it's pointless copying for one cue directly to the next, I just want to know the theory of what happens. Does the desk just copy and paste the absolute values or does it run the same process as normal recording cues where if nothing has changed, it ignores it. So if I copied cue 6 to cue 9, would it take an exact copy of 6 and put it in 9 or would it look at cue 8 and work out what's changed between 8 and 6 and put it in 9. (The question makes sense in my head anyway) Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to use some LED strips in an upcoming production and was wondering if anyone could share there experiences. It's early in the design stage yet but it's probably going to be 6 runs of about 2m each, using rgbw tape. If anyone could also reccomend any dmx decoders and power supplies they have had good experiences with that would be great as I don't really know where to start with LED strips. Thanks in advance
  9. Ideal thanks, working like a charm!
  10. Yeah I found the pfd but it had no mention of it. I know Edward mentioned it in the training session though!
  11. Hi all, Having attended Edward's training a few weeks ago on using the fixture editor software, I can't remember how to define multiple modes for the same fixture, i.e. 4channel, 8 channel etc. I recall it has something to do with putting a colon in the fixture name, is it in the "long name" field? For example would I do: - LEDJ Slimline 12Q5 : 4Chan LEDJ Slimline 12Q5 : 7Chan Thanks
  12. Ideal thanks for explaining so well!
  13. Hi Edward, Thanks, it was setting a playback as the intensity that I forgot. Related to this, I've noticed that if you set the colour mix you want, then bring the intensity down to zero, you cannot raise the intensity again, you have to reset the colours back to zero, then raise the intensity again, then raise the colours again. Is this by design or something I'm missing? Thanks
  14. Hi Edward, Have just tested it and it was due to being in cue only mode so have managed to set the zoom on a fader now. Thanks On a different note, I'm trying to setup three other playbacks to control the rgb. I've setup the colours on each playback but they don't mix, they just change colour when the next playback is moved. I've looked for a guide but the links to old forum posts and guides don't work any more e.g. http://support.zero88.com/Consoles/FLX/1014413041/RGB-Colour-Mixing-on-faders-FLX-Series.htm Can you point me in the direction of a guide, thanks.
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