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  1. Hi Edward I re-loaded version 7.9.8 on FLX48 without library update. It works well. I will update the library when the new one will be available. Thanks for your help Michel
  2. Hello Edward infortunatly I can’t come back to version 7.9.8 on our FLX48. But, I did some experiences on phantom on my PC. I desintalled Phantom 7.9.8 and re-installed it from file extracted from Zero88 web site. After that I see in system information that the library version is 035. See photo 1. In this configuration, effects correctly works for my motorized spots. See photo 2 To continue my experience, I loaded the library version 1.00. See photo 3 Now the effects no more work. All previous one are now grey. See photo 4 When I pushed the « automatic
  3. On the Phantom I did a show file test with only two group of fixture. you will found it joined. Michel show file test.zos
  4. Sorry but I already started to program a new spectacle with the previous version and I'm afraid of losing everything I've done by changing the version. But could you explain why it doesn’t work too on the phantom version. Michel
  5. Hello Sorry but I have to work on a new spectacle so I come back to the previous version. But I tried to do that on the last phantom ZerOS 7.9.8 and it’s the some. Best regards
  6. Hello, Thanks for your tolerance concernant my english. Are you finding that if you select some fixtures, there is no "Effect" tab at the top of the internal touchscreen? Yes There is an « effect » tab at the top or the internat touchscreen. If there is an "Effects" tab, are you able to press the "Automatically Create Effects Palettes" button in the effect window? Yes I can press the "Automatically Create Effects Palettes" button » but nothing happened. I have only one « no effect » button. To precise, for exemple I use a group of 4 motorized spots from DTS
  7. Hello In new ZerOS 7.9.8 it seems there is no more effect proposed for a group of fixtures. Is it normal or due to a mistake from my own. Sorry if there is some mistake in my sentence, I’m french and I don’t speak english fluently . best regards
  8. Bonjour why the New library 1.0 doesn’t contain all fixtures already listed in the previous library v40. For exemple Eurolite LED Theatre 36X3W. How can I add it ? Thanks
  9. Bonjour Pouvez-vous SVP me dire quel serait l’inconvénient d’enregistrer la totalité des « cues » (environ 200) d’un show en mode « snapshot » comparé au mode « Smart tag ». merci pour votre aide Cordialement Michel
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