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  1. I see this has a library included, is this a new one with support for multicellular fixtures? (crosses fingers)
  2. How does it work with capture and stuff then? That works without the unlock but I’m stuck unable to afford it so I need an alternative, any ideas?
  3. I am currently trying to use phantom and MagicQ vis to preview lighting without access to the kit however I am running into some issues. The problem is that even though the visualiser is running on the same pc and phantom should output Artnet over the loop back the visualiser doesn’t receive this and therefore I am a bit stuck as I need the visualiser to be able to test but can not afford capture etc. How can I get these programs to work without buying the unlock or are there any free alternative visualisers the community can suggest that do work with locked phantom?
  4. On the FLX S24/48 there are no home buttons or UDKs like on the FLX unless i haven't found them, soft UDKs would be useful so we can access RemDim and Highlight etc. Currently when i want to add max levels or ajust home etc i have to save the show and load it on a phantom instance of the FLX which is a pain as i generally only get 2-3 hours to set up every thing. Edit: I have just found the home function, however i would be interested to see this more clear in the documentation because i have not seen this anywhere.
  5. High: Assign one fixture multiple dimmers (multiple brightness attributes), Soft buttons on FLX S for home, max and default and for UDKs. Medium: Visualisation of light (color, possibly gobo if image provided and rough direction aim of light), FX constuction for FLX S. Low: Ability to create fixture profiles on desk (give start address and work from there, you can control the light and figure out what the values are for boundaries etc).
  6. For anyone looking at this with the same problem i have found an image with the dimensions 25x25 works
  7. I tried this and they dont show up on the flx s24, i also used phantom and tried this on the flx and they didn't show up. Edit: Tried again and the images show up but are too big and don't show the gobo what size should the images be? I currently have them at 50x50 and they still dont show the full image
  8. How do you add images to show what gobo is what on a light? I have seen the add image option on the fixture tools and tried loading this profile on a flx s24 however no images show up on the desk.
  9. Are there any plans to support them. The way i would expect it to work would be. Main fixture (Fader 1) 'Global' parameters (pan/tilt, strobe, etc.) Subfixture 1 (Fader 2) 'Local' parameters (R/G/B, Intensity, etc.) Subfixture 2 (Fader 3) 'Local' parameters (R/G/B, Intensity, etc.) Etc. 'Global' parameters would show up in the relevant section for all faders in the fixture. 'Local' parameters would only show under their relevant faders. Virtual intensity would be 'local' with a 'global' virtual
  10. Could this not be done through subfixtures (Each sub fixture gets a fader) as we would like to be able to control the intensities individually without have to patch several fixtures and remember where certain things are hidden eg. strobe, pan/tilt, etc?
  11. We have some LED bars from stairville that allow individual control of each of the 4 lights and are also looking at some combi spots (wash and spot) that therefore have several intensity parameters. Therefore is it possible to assign on fixture to use several faders to allow access to all global parameters like strobe and inbuilt programs rather than having to split the fixture into several seperate fixtures?
  12. I am using the spot 160XT from Robe, the problem is unlike most where you have open, closed and the strobe it has closed, then a slow open of the shutter called dimmer, then open before the strobe, the gaps are really small which means it is hard to reliably hit the open sector without having issues with running into strobe or having the beam look like an apple logo.
  13. Are there any plans to implement this sort of feature in a similar way to the max values as this would be a very useful feature on some lights that only have a shutter
  14. My question is for use on the channels not playbacks as i would like to use intensity to toggle between the shutter closed or the value of the shutter parameter. I have worked out to use a virtual fader and the shutter to scale by virtual intensity but cant get it to behave how i would like it to.
  15. Is there any way to change the stepping of a fader? I need to be able to have an attribute on a fader switch between minimum and maximum with no steps in between. this is because we are using it as a virtual fader to either close the shutter or use the value set by an encoder in beamshape.
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