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  1. This doesn't work Edward. When we've downloaded, copied the library to the root of a USB stick, plugged into the console and selected Setup > Load we are presented with a blank screen (image attached). In the list of Fixtures for Chauvet, there is no Batten Q15 option. We've downloaded the latest ZerOS version to try to get that installed, but we can't find any instruction on how to actually update the controller with that OS upgrade, assuming we're not already using this latest version (7.9.9). We assumed it would be a Setup > Load option but, facing a blank screen when we select that, we're a bit snookered. I'd put this down to not knowing what we're doing, but we have 6 fixtures and it seems ridiculous, to us, that it's this difficult to get them to even come on, using this controller. We've a show tomorrow night and at this rate we'll just have to put the lights onto their in-built auto-program mode so that we've at least something! Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you. NJ
  2. Edward, thank you for your reply, and also your comprehensive e-mail reply. Regarding DMX, just a simple guide on how you connect the Controller to, say, three or four fixutres, would be very helpful for people at our level. We know how to change the setting, we just don't know what setting it needs to be in order to work with the Controller. We'll work through your e-mail and see if that resolves things. I'll report back here as I'm sure this will be helpful for other novices. Thank you. NJ
  3. This is our setup: FLX24 4 x COLORado Q15 battens 2 x COLORado Q40 We are completely lost. We have tried looking through the training videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jdcrxI8rJY – but there is nothing that teaches you how to physically (cabling) connect your fixtures properly, and even when we feel like we have, intuitively, connected properly: Zero88 Controller (DMX Out) --> DMX Wheel --> Fixture 1 (DMX In / DMX Out) --> Fixture 2 (DMX In / DMX Out) --> Fixture 3 (DMX In) etc ….nothing in the tutorial videos works. We can’t get any lights to work with the console. The lights, on their own, work great and we’re wondering if this console is even compatible with these lights. Each of the lights has a menu and we're not sure if we need to set to Master or Slave. Neither works though. The FLX24 has identified the fixtures, by name, without us patching, but the faders don't work. Nothing we do on the console puts the lights on. Can anyone help us here with the basic basics? Thank you. NJ
  4. Just bought a used Alpha Pack off eBay and, on trying it out, it's got quite a loud buzz between the 1-9 slider settings, but is completely silent or 0 or full. Is this normal? Can anything be done to reduce the buzz or do we just accept that it's lights on full, permanently, during performances? Thank you NJ
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