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  1. Thanks so much guys. Really appreciate your advice. Rob
  2. Hi, What is the best way to start a show. Power the FLX first or power the fixtures first ? Thanks Rob
  3. Good morning, my question is: when you save a show to USB, if you leave the USB in the console while working on a show will it automatically update the USB show file like the console automatically updates your changes as you go ? Thank you. Rob
  4. Thank you Edward. This worked not problem. Out of interest if I decide to use my tablet as a remote I assume I need to purchase a a wireless router. Is this correct ? If so do you suggest any particular model or brand. Thanks Rob
  5. Thanks Edward. I have followed all your instructions but I still am having problems. I have enabled the remote app on my console and static IP address. I have clicked on "Use the following IP address" on my laptop and put in the IP address that appears on my console When I click on OK and then go to the remote app and open it I just get the box with nothing in it, no automatic fill. I try typing in FLXS24 into name then to address and No to password. The mode is set to monitor. When I click on connect, I just get a black blank monitor screen with ZerOS monitor o
  6. Hi, I am trying to connect my laptop to use as a monitor and keyboard to my flx24. I have downloaded the app and info on how to do it. I am struggling with the ip address bit. On the app do I type flx24 in the first box then the ip address in the next box ? But which ip address, my pc's ip address (which I have found) or the ip address of my console. Then what next? Sorry if I am missing something or this is a really basic question, I am using Windows 10 on my laptop
  7. Hi, is it okay to just pull the flash drive out of the USB port after you have saved a show on it, or is there some process you are meant to use to eject it ? Thank you.
  8. Hi. Can you connect a monitor to the FLx24 (not a touch screen) via one of the 2 USB ports ?
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