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  1. Just to note that I experienced a similar issue when programming a show on a S24 running 7.9.6. (This is a hire desk so I have no previous experience with other zeros versions.) The whole desk became very slow and unresponsive on two occasions and I was only able to resolve the problem with a power cycle. As it happens I also had a USB stick plugged into the front port at the time. I was also using an iPad as an external monitor via a WiFi router (which was also slow and unresponsive). The issue hasn’t recurred again and I wasn’t able to reproduce it at the time but it did concern me
  2. Sorry I’m struggling to find the latest manuals - the above link doesn’t seem to work?
  3. Hi All, I’m new to the S24 and it’s been a long time since I had any moving heads to play with so bear with me! I’m running a show that has up-tempo musical numbers in between ordinary theatre style scenes as well as a couple of choreographed dance scenes. I’d like to do some music-synchronised lighting effects in each of these numbers. Most of the music is live. I think I have the following options alongside a typical theatre style master cue stack that I’ll be using for the rest of the show: Use effects on single cues within the master cue stack - these are super easy to
  4. Ah ok, that makes sense. So unless I want the extra features like stobe or macros etc then it doesn’t actually make any difference? As you suggest though, I’m nowhere near the channel limit (yet!)... feels like I should change everything into 7 channel mode! Really appreciate the help. I’d love to give the S24 a try but I’m struggling to justify the hire cost for our little village panto. I’ve begged, borrowed and cobbled together about 30 LED fixtures though including 4 moving heads so I may have slightly backed myself into a corner! Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I’m considering hiring an FLX S24. I was wondering whether there is any difference between setting an RGBW LED fixture in standard 4 channel more or one of the 5/6/7 channel modes. On a standard desk it is nice to be able to set the colour and dimmer separately. Does it make any difference on the S24? Or does the desk work it all out for you and the effect is the same? Thanks very much.
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