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  1. Hi Keith, thank you for this fast support notice. Meanwhile, we replaced the battery and the Fat Frog works again as before!
  2. Hello, we have a problem with our fat frog desk. Since last time, the date is set to 18.12.1570 an the time to 68:59:00 We changed it in super user mode to the right date / time settings, but after a restart we had the same effect - 1570. When we go to super user mode into the date and time menu and don't change everything, leave the menu without changing everything, the date is automatically set to 1.1.2999 an the time to 00:00:00 What can be the problem with our fatfrog desk? We run the software 10.12.1 since it was released, i think there is no one which was released after?! The Bios is 5.0.1 and the operation System is 13.3.32. Do we have to update one of these - are the later released objects and if where i can download them? Thanks for some helpful answers. Greetings from Germany, Bremen Nils
  3. Hello anybody! We have a problem with our fatfrog after installing the 10.4 version. When we program a scene-change and the last scene shall fade out e.g. in 10 sec and the next shall fade in in 10 sec, the last will fade out in 3 sec (standard). It is equal which sec value you choose for fade out. The fatfrog always fade out in 3 sec. We have no problems with the fade in, all sec settings are exectly faded in. Is this a problem of the software or do we have to program it by another way then before with 9.x? We hope that anybody have some tips for us. Thanks Greetings from germany Nils Gräper

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