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  1. Looking at the all the Relay Fixtures with the Fixture Editor show ALL relay parameters are exactly the same. "0" to "127" will be "0" (OFF) and "128" thru "255" will be "255" (ON). But yet parameters "7" thu "12" act like range encoders and "1" thru "6" act as switched. (Just to clarify). I will create some relay fixture versions to see if it's just something I am missing. Off topic - but curious: I created a "Parked" fixture that is always ON (255) as soon as the console is powered up. This is meant to turn on a number of DMX Addresses that control the non-dim modules that power DMX controlled fixtures so they are energized and ready for the show. Is there ANY reason you might want to UNPARK a "Parked" fixture during a show?
  2. In the fixture library there is a 12-channel relay. If I add this, I get relays 1 -> 4 on the encoder wheels. I can toggle between 0 and 255. When I hit the "Beam" I get 5 ->8 on the encoder wheels. Relays 5 and 6 have just 0 and 255 when I move the encoders. 7 and 8 give me give me 0 through 255 as the wheel spins. Hitting Beam gives me relays 9 -> 12 on the encoder wheels. However, again the encoders move 0 through 255 (meaning EVERY value in between) - not just 0 and 255. Firmware version 7.9.6 Fixture Library 38. I looked at the fixtures with Fixture Type Editor and can not see the issue. Any thoughts? S24 and S48 consoles act the same. I will verify, but I assume the 6-channel relay will work as expected (1-6 gave only 0 or 255).
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