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  1. Thank you so much for your quick reply (Seriously. You are lightning fast when it comes to these answers!) I have one more follow-up question regarding Phantom ZerOS: If you want to go to the cue stack window of a playback that is not the Master Playback on the Solution Console, how would you do that? On the actual console I would hold down the memories button and then tap on the Playback's Go button. In Phantom ZerOS, I can't hold down a button and press another one. Is there a shortcut for that?
  2. The "Let's Chat" thread in the announcement category mentions the following: What would this free visualiser option be? I would really like to do some programming but I don't have access to my console at the moment. I have also watched some of your recent training sessions on the Zero88 YouTube channel, which were really helpful and I would like to apply some of things that I've learned to my own workflow. I noticed that you were using the Capture software in your session, but as one license for that costs around 400€ and I can't afford that, I would like to know what this fre
  3. Hi there, I was just wondering what the difference between the LeapFrog series and the Solution Series was. We have a LeapFrog96 at my school and from looking at manuals and pictures, the only difference seems to be the name and colour of the desk. Are there any significant differences between the consoles or is the Solution simply a "refresh" of the LeapFrog ?
  4. Hi, I am using the ZeroOs Remote App on Android, although I think that a lot of features are missing from the app that would make it easier to use. My biggest complaint is that you cannot see the names for the playbacks that you recorded on the desk. If you are using multiple pages, finding the fader in the app can be a pain(e.g. Playback 12 on page three is labeled as 72,and it would be better if you just saw the name.
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