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  1. Hi I want to make sure something : May i go to Set up > Default > Playback Default > Raise and Lower > Trigger on Rise > Enable Release on Lower > Disable I want to do the result Cue go : light cue follow to fader Don't over lap other cue. Cue 2 out Fixture don't back to home position May i know my setting is right ? Coz we always over lap the cue. BR Wai
  2. Hi Thank you for your help. the lighting fixture will not back to home. it's ok. but it will over lap and hold the next cue. Play back example: Cue 1 : Moving fixture - Circle LED Par - Bule Cue 2 : Moving Fixture - Next position LED Par - Red Playback : Cue 1 > Cue 2 (the Led Par hold the Blue Color (cannot change) the moving fixture is OK - i choose disable release on lower on play back setting. Is it my step is wrong or i need choose some setting when i record the light cue. BR Wai
  3. Hi I am a FLX S24 user form Hong Kong. This is my first time to use the zero88 lighting console. I had a playback problem. (moving head) 1. When i play the Lx cue 1, push up fader then the fixture will go to some position. 2. Then out the Lx cue 1, the fixture will back to home position. 3. When i go to Lx cue 2, the fixture form home position and do the cue. I want to know how to set up. All the Lighting cue playback when fader out the fixture don't go to the home position. Like Avolite console. Other problem, is the dimmer must use the fader to push on ? BR Wai
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