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  1. Brilliant, great to know it has been added! Thanks Neil
  2. Just having a play and that Rx:Gx is a big time saver, so that alone is a huge help!
  3. Hi Edward Thanks for the suggestion. I currently run a "master" playback where each cue releases and triggers other playbacks (which have only one cue for the lighting I want). So the first cue triggers playback 1, the second cue starts so many seconds later releasing playback 1 and triggering playback 2. The time consuming bit is making up these cues with different delay times and updating the different trigger and release for every cue. It sounds like the macro option isn't a huge improvement on this but may streamline the process slightly by being able to use a macro of "Rx:Gx" on
  4. Hi Edward Thanks for the brilliant zoom session earlier this afternoon and in particular for quickly going into the auto triggering on cues. I was interested to hear if you dropped any bombshells on my knowledge of the subject in the way you did for the record functions. So many little details I had missed! It got me thinking further about this last discussion on the forums here. An "auto trigger any cue in a stack x seconds after cue n" would be an even more flexible and useful option. Having the option for cue 1 but also any cue to reference from for triggering. Just thought I'd ad
  5. Glad to hear the idea is of interest. If it is feasible, I look forward to perhaps seeing it in a future update!
  6. Another possibility is that "Auto (with first cue)" can only be selected if "Auto (with previous cue)" or "Auto (after previous cue)" haven't been used in any other cues, and selecting "Auto (with first cue)" disables the use of the other two for any other cues in that playback. Creating a cue with "Auto (with first cue)" would automatically place that playback into a setup which reorders the cues based on the wait time. This would minimise disturbance to current coding.
  7. Thanks for pointing this out. It is a good explanation on the differences. I normally use the Auto (with previous cue) and put in the difference in time between the previous point in the music and the next. The learn option is an interesting possibility but would also rely on me getting my timing absolutely right, or I'd have to go back and change things manually. By scrubbing through a music file I can quickly note a list of times and the ideal would be to be able to drop in the right number of cues and add the appropriate "wait from go" times into each in order. I guess my featu
  8. I do quite a lot of music videos and find my S24 a great desk for quickly setting up and running basic lighting. Occasionally for certain tracks, I want a pretty detailed lighting setup that runs from the start of the track. I do this by putting three beeps at the start a second apart, then the music plays one second later. I release the go button on the third beep and it runs the first cue which is just black for 1 second. The second cue is then the start of the lighting. I therefore have to go through the song, get the times of each cue change and work out how long it is between the pre
  9. Thanks Edward, that sounds a good time saver for the future!
  10. Yes each cue has to release the previous and trigger the next. Seems to be working pretty well. Any sneaky tips for duplicating cues en mass? I was looking for a way to "Copy 1 to 2 thru 45" but I think that might be a flx level feature. The copy screen on the s24 doesn't have any thru option that I can see.
  11. Thank you kgallen! Just the right amount of information with the keywords for me to go away and learn, as I was lost in the manual a touch. I came across being able to trigger and release cue stacks which is amazing as it means if I need to adjust any of the individual looks, I just update that playback and the whole thing updates, rather than having to save multiple cues over again. That's going to be a huge time saver on this when I need a small adjustment on one section. I think my mental block which I have overcome now is that the auto cues time doesn't relate to the cue it is in,
  12. Been using my S24 mainly for events so far but I'm heading towards getting more ambitous. Planning to light a music video later this month and I'd like to be able to have three beeps before the audio track starts at 1 second intervals then the song plays. The plan is that I get the timing off the first two beeps, then hit the go button on the third beep. This would trigger a 1 second cue then move on to the next cue which would run for the required number of seconds before moving to the next cue and so on till the end of the audio track. I would like to be able to programme 32 different l
  13. I get the feeling the idea was politely declined. Manual selection of colours it is for me!
  14. I'm unfortunately a 6'2 guy with hands to match so perhaps not the most delicate person for the job. I find that even with my fingers fully together I'm still getting say an orange through to a green in the hue direction, or a colour then a fairly desaturated white tone in the saturation direction. Where I noticed it significantly was when I wanted to do a gradient of orange to yellow tones down the hall for a halloween event and there was just no pinching my fingers that close. Subtle, but enough that it can be seen there was a change in tones. If there was a thought for a zoom option, the
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