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  1. Hello Edward, Thanks for the fast response, It kind of worked, it now says it is transmitting but it is not turning on/moving any lights in capture, i have set my pc to and the s24 on 10.1.12 and both on subnet but it still doesn't seem to work Kind Regards Jarno
  2. Hello, I recently got to use the flx s24 and i got to take it home, they told my i could hook it up to capture wich i have some showfiles ready with some moving heads. I connected my pc and the S24 together using a cat5 cable, i turned on CITP on the s24 and set it to DHCP, nothing happend. I also messed around a bit with setting up Ip-Adresses, nothing worked for me. I patched all of the fixture but there where some missing in the table so i replaced them in capture. Kind Regards Jarno
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