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  1. Hi All, Ive just been let down by a Lighting tech for a small Awards 1 night event in Central London next week.18th SeptemberBaking Hall Central London Set Up 12 Noon, finish 11pmBasic Kit requiring operation:- Zero 88 FLX Lighting Console- 6 moving heads (two in house/4 on two ground stands) DMX'd- 8 LEDs on two ground mounted stands DMX’d- 10- Uplighter’s Non DMX’d- in house have option to route in to their system which is very basic LED lights… Plans available Very simply gig really but needs a level headed tech.Please do kindly share this with your inner circles and share my email and WhatsApp below please...Look forwards to working with you again soon!CheersTristan WhatsApp +44 (0)7477965345
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