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  1. Hi Edward, I recheck all connections , Firewall also and it's works. After reload project on console, I lost the connection. Dockhouse files change all parametres on cosole. I had to modify on by one again : All connections "on" but the last one I was turning on "streaming ACN". And then is works. Thanks you again, is wonderful your helps Roger I don't understand thats in Solution:
  2. Hi Edwar, Once again nothings happens. I upload dockhouse in macbook and un PC . I see the projetc but nothing happennigs when move up Faders. I loaded differents times projects on console and in Pc. I try evrething, windows 7, in another Pc with Windows 10 and Mac.... all the same so what do you think ? Thaks Roger
  3. Hi Edward, I tried differents options to connect Computer and Console ( CAT5/5e Network patch cable.) I followed the instructions I found in the forum but I cannot connect to visualisation. WYSIWYG is not run on my computer. ( wind7) Ligth converse . nothings happens Capture ARGO .... some time connection to console , but the files are not for this version of Capture ARGO. And not connect to cansole agfter load file shows. I try in Windows 7 and in Mac yosemite. So now im lost. So what do you recomend ? Thanks again Roger
  4. ok, thanks and have a nice week end !
  5. Hi Edward, Yesterday I sent you an email concerning the options of Macros with my fixtures. You would have received it? I'm not sure if I understood weel about that. Regards Roger
  6. Hi Edward , Visualisation and program playbaks and memories. I have always worked directly on the desk, " I'm old school " But now I want to prepare events more complex, to try differents options, and I want to do them on the computer. Thanks again, I will check that. Roger
  7. Hi, which program do you recommend to program shows ? I work in Mac. cheers Roger
  8. Hi Edward, I tried again from the beginning "programmation effects + edit " and now it works. Are feffects enabled only with fixtures and not with presets ? Thanks again Roger
  9. yes, they are not enble. only they are "On" ( red ) with fixtures are selected. I try that, I move up just Speed , UPDATE and now my Effect plalette ( created one by one with Sine wave) doesn't work Thanks Roger
  10. Yes, I understand and it's work well like you told me at the mail. I try this option also, but effects are not enables for individual dimmers. not possible to edit effects thanks Roger
  11. Hi Edward, I received your e-mail and I managed to program an effect with an offset. I appreciate your help. But I can not apply the effects on the 10 individual dimmers for the Stripblinder. another question: when I select my fixture Stripblinder and the press Home the lamps ar not on. And I have to select one by one and move weel to turn on all individual dimmer. It is possible to add modifictaion to mode HOME in this kind of fixture to turn on all dimmer one touch or one weel ? I try to edditing effetcs and I follow the instructions by the manual but is not poss
  12. Hi Edward, sorry, was really shortly my quote Macros are empty. I can to redord them but I don't have any option ""automatic MACROS" thanks
  13. Hi Edwards, many questions. 1) I tried that and it did not work. 2) I tried that also and it did not work. 3) At last....not MACROS in console after update
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