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  1. Hi Edward, I received your e-mail and I managed to program an effect with an offset. I appreciate your help. But I can not apply the effects on the 10 individual dimmers for the Stripblinder. Thanks. Roger
  2. Hi Edward, sorry, was really shortly my quote Macros are empty. I can to redord them but I don't have any option ""automatic MACROS" thanks
  3. Hi Edwards, many questions. 1) I tried that and it did not work. 2) I tried that also and it did not work. 3) At last....not MACROS in console after update
  4. Not macros after update
  5. Hi Edward, yes installed it again and it works. THANKS. I have spent many hours circling without finding a response. I have some MKF with red led on and others redl Led off. I think that depend what kind of fixture I having selected Now, I'ill try to creat my effects : turn-on, one by one , any lamp on my strip blinder ( with 10 lamps) to manage differents options. any suggest ? Thnaks again
  6. Hi, I work with Solution console and I would like to programming changes, something to do advanced light handling and not just turn-on /off. After read again et again I don't undertand if understand if is possible to apply effects in playbacks, memmories or submaster with any ligths or just with some of them. I work with Cameo Flat Pro 18 (LED), Ignition Strip Blinder X ( hallogens) and classic ligths ( Juillat, ADB,etc) . Before having added my fixtures and created palettes , I can't apply effects. (Only one option is possible and does not work). I ve sear
  7. Hi II work with Solution I need fixtures for Ignition Strip Blinder X . Im using in mode DMX 10 channel https://images.thomann.de/pics/atg/atgdata/document/manual/319794_c_319794_de_online.pdf and Cameo CLPFLATPRO18. I using in mode 3-CHANNEL MODE 2 https://www.cameolight.com/fr/solutions/prestataires/eclairage-statique/projecteurs-a-par/2295/p-flat-pro-18?c=2008#detail-downloads Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance Roger
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