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  1. Resetting the desk fixed the issue.
  2. This is my current settings. I just tried setting the GM to 100% and now when I highlight cue 2 and press Go it would just jump back to cue 1. Update: The Go button works but only if I set the GM to 0, press Go and set the GM back to 100.
  3. 3 months later, manual is still missing. The setup pages have all changed and the old manual is half useless because of this.
  4. I'm using the FLX S24 mode of the Phantom ZerOS 7.9.5 and I've recorded a few cues into the master playback. I've somehow managed to get the first cue playing however when I press Go it doesn't move to the second cue automatically.
  5. Theatre restriction. Either way the encoder wheel is impossible to use.
  6. I can't seem to access the attributes in encoder wheels on Phantom ZerOS; clicking on the wheel does nothing. Turning the encoder wheel is also very difficult with no real fine-tuned control. How do I pre-program shows with the ColorSources in this case?
  7. I've just patched some ColorSource PARs and Spots on my phantom ZerOS instance, but I noticed that my Phantom ZerOS (7.9.5) does not understand DIR mode of the ColorSources; it thinks it is RGB plus a separate Lime value. How do I make the console understand RGBL mode?
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