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  1. This was in a post November last year, useful to have RDM and Non RDM outputs. FLX S has two outputs - a 3pin and a 5pin. If you have a 1 Universe FLX S, by default both ports will output the same DMX data, but the 5pin will include RDM and the 3pin won't include RDM. This behavior can be changed in SETUP > Inputs & Outputs.
  2. I am trying to make up a list of Lee Mood Boards that are on the FLX S as a cross reference sorted by gel numbers and gel name. I have managed to get a spread sheet sorted, but next step is to add swatch colours. Here is results so far. It shows the use of colours in different moods. Lee Mood Boards FLX S Sorted By Gel Names Narrow Print Format.pdf Lee Mood Boards FLX S Sorted By Gel Number Narrow Printer Format.pdf
  3. Hello Edward Some of my LED Zoom Washes go from Spot to Wide for DMX 000 to 255, the others go from Wide to Spot. My preference is Spot to Wide so it is easier to see the beam position on a stage. The fixture file for my 7x12w RGBW 4in1 LED Moving Head has the Zoom selected in Special, but there is no Invert Zoom option showing in Add Fixtures or when using the Fixture. There is Pan/Tilt Invert options available in Add Fixtures. Is it possible to have a Zoom Invert function available without having two different fixture files for the Zoom Wash which has 10 CH and 15 CH DMX modes.
  4. Hello Edward I am working my way through the ALL_UNBRANDED.ift and I opened up an Image Manager. Is this a stand alone program that I can use to add gobo pictures to my moving head profiles? Thanks Don
  5. This has not worked with the console. Tried a while back and it did not work but did not follow up on it, used another touch screen monitor at the time. Input devices only lists USB keyboard, USB mouse, FT5406 memory based driver. Does not appear to be compatible with FLX S. I have emailed you the Input Devices picture.
  6. I am using a FLX S48 with an acer T232HL 10 point touch screen monitor, display is fine, but touch screen does not work. When I go to Setup>External Display>Calibrate I get the orange cross in the top left hand corner but there is no touch response from anywhere on the screen. I tried different usb cables and both FLX S48 usb ports. I tested the acer monitor with my Asus touch screen laptop and the touch screen functions work with that. Any suggestions ? Forgot to add that other touch screens work with the FLX S48 desk.
  7. how do you set up a dmx controlled relay pack to switch on at power up- please.
  8. Is it the location information of where a colour swatch is located is stored in a show, not the colour, so if you change the colour in a colour swatch location, all of your cues containing that colour will update ?
  9. Is the colour selected for a fixture in a cue recorded as data so I can go back to a scene and see what colour I used so I can use it for another cue ? I find Mood Boards easy to select colours, but at present I write down what colours I used for a fixture in a scene as I tend to use the same range of colours through a musical.
  10. You can use shift for Pause Playback, is there an option for Back ? or do you have to use the jump to function in cue playback.
  11. Thanks Edward, I will recommend r1 at end of all show names.
  12. I saved a show as morley dance sept 2020 . When trying different functions on the desk, to become more familiar with it, , I used the Z/Shift Save Show several times to see how the version numbering occurs. In this case it saved the show as morley dance sept 2021 , then morley dance sept 2022 , then morley dance sept 2023. This is an inconvenient way to show the different versions of the show, as next year I might do a dance show at morley which I would name as morley dance 2021 and find myself being asked do I want to overwrite an existing file. What is the numbering format for save
  13. As I have just found out after an email from Edward, if you tap into the empty search box at the top of the Manufacturers column, as you type each successive letter, it narrows the selection of manufacturers, which is quicker than using the arrow keys with some groups of manufacturers, then you can do a search for models using the top search box. If you tap the ABC button, it opens up the on screen keyboard for that column.
  14. Hello Edward Yes that definitely helped, thank you for your assistance and detailed description. Regards Don
  15. Is there any way of searching for a fixture to either use or use as a template to modify for an unbranded fixture ? In this particular case, I have an 18 cell RGB LED Bar with a 5 channel mode, CH1 is dimmer, CH2 is Strobe, CH3 is Red, Ch4 is Green, CH5 is Blue. Working my way down the gft40_00_Fixtures.txt I can find RGBDS but no DSRGB. One option is to open a fixture in the fixture editor to see what parameters it has, but I cannot find the library file location on my pc.
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