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  1. Hi Edward, i resend the Mail but didnt recive an answer. I added a Link for the videos. Do you need more Info? Best Hendrik
  2. Hi Edward, even after the update, the issue occurred. Also, one third of the touch screen wasn’t responding. The desk is now back at the dealership to get checked. We luckily were able to film the issue at the Desk and the Dimmers. If you have any interests in that material, I’m willing to share it. I also wrote a ticket in May to the support but never got a reply. Best Hendrik
  3. Hi Edward, we recently discovered the same issue with our S48. The DMX indicator on the dimmer goes off for a second and the lights are having a short black out. Before the S48 we used an old Zero88 Frog and never had a problem like this. The desk is still on and all executer buttons are flashing but there is no reboot and after this the desk is fully functional. Its an unpredictable issue, non-periodical and happens after approximately two hours of usage. Maybe it’s a thermal problem? Best, Hendrik
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