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  1. I have a program called Magic 3D which appears to be similar to Capture. It links through Art-Net protocol to Freestyler. Is it rather possible to link it with Phantom Zeros as a controller? This would enable me to visualise the lighting for our stage productions in the all too frequent times when I am not in the theatre. Magic 3D can set up fairly detailed representations of our staging and, as well as Art-Net, it can use a protocol called STUDI 8A.
  2. These were manufactured by Prolight Concepts Group Ltd, but are now discontinued. However, ours work very well and probably will continue in use for several years yet. The model is LEDJ stage colour quad and it has four modes - 4 channel, 6 channel, 12 channel and 15 channel. The last two which we are unlikely to use are sound operated. The manual can be downloaded from the Prolight Concepts Group site as a pdf (LEDJ107_manual.pdf). The file however is only 1.01mb which is within your maximum file and I am attaching it below. Hope this OK. LEDJ107_manual.pdf
  3. We have 8 LEDJ stage colour quad fixtures which are used as both houselights and a colour wash on our main stage. I cannot find these in the fixture library. Have they been deleted as obsolete or were they never there. It is essential that we have these available to our new S 48 for obvious reasons. I have tried the links both to the full fixture list and the article on creating a custom fixture, but without response. Could you advise please.
  4. Success. I copied the file to a 32Gb USB drive rather than the 16 Gb I used before. I also had to cancel the request to license WinRAR which came with the download. The board is now loaded with 7.9.5. Thanks.
  5. Tried to send the .exe file for you to check it, but it is too big. Its size is 132,786 kb.
  6. Having checked as you suggest the current software, it is indeed I have downloaded 7.9.5, twice. The first time the file was shown as corrupted. The second time I extracted it to my USB flash drive and tried to install it following instructions. However the installation failed because it apparently could not find the update file? What do I do now?
  7. I have taken delivery of a new FLX S48 which I am now training myself on for our local little theatre. The name in System settings is S480020-000019-00 19-21-0019. I assume I should be running the latest software. When I view the output it tells me that the MFFs control 1-24 fixtures, so what happens to the other 24/72? Also the buttons under some of the higher numbered faders go into a flashing mode which I can only stop by turning off the board. I am trying to set up a simple stack of cues by following your excellent YouTube videos in order to use the board mainly for straight play productio
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