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  1. This may be a stupid question but other than using macros to reset fixtures and lamp them on what other things can macros be used for?
  2. Hi there thank you very much for your reply it helped me out a lot. I do just have a few extra questions though 1. Is there a highlight function on here for when I am setting up my positions? 2. Is there a way to edit the clear button so that I can choose what it clears rather than it clearing everything to its home position? 3. Lastly how to I setup a fader as a master override speed control? Thanks for any help
  3. Ok so I have a couple of questions to ask regarding effects on playbacks. It's been a while since I've used the solution having just come off tour with an Avo desk anyway to cut a long story short I have to do a festival in two weeks time using a solution so I was wondering: 1. Is it possible to mix effects on playbacks so say I have a tilt effect on playback 1 and a pan effect on playback 2 if I use both those faders would they mix effects or would one take over from the other? 2. Is it possible for a playback to control the size of effect? 3 Is there anyway of pixel mapping with the solution or if not is this something you are going to implement in the future? Thanks for any help
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