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  1. where do i get the Capture Argo Visualisation Software?
  2. Im looking for the free capture software for my mac so i can practise using the console with out the rig. I cant seem to find it, could you point me in the right direction please?
  3. Tony B


    Many thanks Ed, all sorted now. Seem to work after enababling the smart tag option. Thanks again Tony
  4. Tony B


    Hi Yes it was Nathanael, it was controlling them on the fly and creating various looks on playbacks. I have tried it following the fader controls video but it does not appear to work in the same way. I can assign the attributes to the faders but each one seems to overide the other. On another note, i do not seem to have the SMART tag button on my interface. Bw Tony
  5. Tony B


    I recently completed the FLX training and we covered some bits what the trainer called "busking". I cant remember (should have wrote it down) how to do this and was wondering if somebody could give me the steps involved. It was something to do with assigning attributes to the faders so they mixed independently. TIA Tony
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