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  1. Thank you both very much, really appreciate it
  2. Hello, running FLX S48 on 7.9.5, is there any possible way, of using the playback flash buttons to become a group button? Currently have a set of playbacks programmed to control 10 movers but would be great to be able to push a channel flash button to select these movers instead of using the touch screen groups page. Current fades for example 1. 10 movers intensity 2. 10 movers colours 3.10 movers gobos 4. 10 movers position (based on a position pallet saved) So would love it if either on a separate fader or ideally the flash button to sub 1 would select the 10 movers. On a totally separate question, sorry if this should be in a new thread, we have the desks profile for showtec stardrape parched, RGB colours work fine, but the cloth also has built in programs (which intensity must be at 0 to work) which at programming stage work buy selecting fixtures, using the encoders to set the right effect, record, but at playback, nothing happens. I’m presuming I’m missing something simple, and have even tried making a playback with all the correct DMX levels for the built in programs then adding intensity at full, and also saving a playback with inhibit hoping that with them both up, I would get output, but to no avail. any help would be much appreciated, thank you
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