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  1. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    *update Just for the sake of any other users who may experience this... (although I'm told this is rare) The issue was with the PSU going into rest every few minutes. This has been replaced and the console returned to us, and so far its as good as new. Thanks for resolving this.
  2. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    🤨 scratch that... started to repatch the desk rather than load an old show, in case there was an issue with the show file... lasted 25 minutes and then the same behaviour resumed. strangly i noticed this time it crashed as soon as i pressed the save button on the show file. now back to intermittent on / off pattern. I will email and post here once i have confirmation from the supplier about a return. Thanks for the help, Keith too. Id be interested to know what the fault is when you get it back... Olly
  3. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    Thanks Edward, I have contacted Hawthorn who have advised they will contact me shortly to arrange a collection. In the mean time i have tried the 7.9.4 boot option and the same issue occurred. I have now gone back to 7.9.5 and on a further test, i can leave the power connected to the unit and the desk switched on. When i do this, the desk will intermittently power up. It will remain powered for between 2 and 5 minutes before crashing back to the same issues stated above. If i still leave the power connected, the unit will then power up again after 10-15 mins of "odd behaviour" and the process will repeat. However... i have left the desk to do this for the past couple of hours, and now i have returned to it, the desk seems stable again. I'm going to monitor the issue for the remainder of the day, and test again tomorrow to see if i can replicate the issue... if not, then im stumped as to why it now functions, although a little apprehensive about it acting up again during a show.
  4. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    No problem Kevin, test mode is a handy little tool. Reverting to the Jester is a PITA, but we'll make it work... we have a predominately LED rig, but not much in the way of moving heads, so with some creative grouping it will be fine. Just as thought, would the behaviour I'm seeing be related to something as simple as a flat BIOS battery?
  5. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    While booting, hold down the setup key during the boot process. This gives you a test screen that will show you that all physical faders and buttons are functioning.
  6. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    ***update 3 when the desk has been left, i am able to boot into test mode. Once the desk is shut down, and powered on again within 2 minutes of shutdown, the desk will produce the error described above. I have also tried a fresh install of the OS using a bootable USB drive. The install was successful, but the issue still remains after removing the USB drive. To summarise, the desk will not fully boot normally. After load screen the unit "crashes" and produces the issue above. Since reinstalling OS from a bootable USB, i can boot console successfully, but only after the desk has been left without power for some time. After being "on" for a few minutes (<5) the desk with crash and produce the same issues described above. Powering off the console and trying to reboot will produce the same issues described above. I can get to test mode if the desk has been turned off and left for at least 2 minutes. (all functions test ok). I can boot the desk from USB if the desk has been turned off and left for at least 2 minutes. Desk is currently not functional other than to access test mode or USB boot.
  7. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    **update 2 When left with power disconnected for a period of time, the desk will attempt to boot when powered again. Part way through booting, the desk will revert back to the issue described above. The boot process gets as far as "loading" with the load bar reaching the right of the screen before it crashes
  8. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    *update... The desk has now gone into "melt down"... The desk will not power at all. When connected to power, the page display flashes intermittently and there is a noticeable "click" from within the desk. On the rear of the desk, when powered the DMX, link and data lights flash along with the page display. Link to video of error Im going to contact our supplier (Hawthorn theatrical) but as it stands the desk is no longer functional. help or advice greatly received, as I'm now reverting to a Jester for shows today and tomorrow.
  9. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    Thanks for the reply, but i am unable to see the report. Apparently i don't have permission to view it.
  10. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    Yes, I have the following text in green... "FERAM Write failure at 0x00004030, retries remaining : 4" I cant seem to see the info you are refering to. All i get under "desk info" is the following (attachmenet)...
  11. O Thompson

    Odd Behaviour

    Morning folks, I experienced an odd issue with our FLX this week. After powering on the unit, the left side of the desk (fader bank and UDKs) had no working lights on the board. The LEDs for each PB no longer illuminated, the LED on the UDKs no longer illuminated and the page display window did not display the current PB page. The only working part of the console was the touch screen, external monitor, and fader operation. At the same time, no DMX was being output from the desk despite the external monitor showing parameter changes... To resolve the issue, i had to reboot the console. Although this is the first time this has happened to this extent, i have experienced similar symptoms with LEDs on the UDKs on a regular basis (no light on the button) but operation of the UDK remaining functional. Has anyone else had this issue? Currently on 7.9.5
  12. Hi folks, This is more a feature request than anything else... On the IOS remote app for the FLX, is it possible to get a rem dim button on the syntax screen? When using the apple watch remote, there is a remdim option as you scroll through each fixture. It would be great if we could do this on the IOS phone app too...
  13. I second the above... We only have the 1 console, but the networking set up at our venue operates so that different parts of the campus are using different sub nets. Also, due to restrictions placed on users by the network manager, all devices are DHCP with no assigned static IPs, so unless you are by the console to double check the assigned IP, then its often not possible to connect. I understand this may be a unique problem to larger venues or education establishments...
  14. O Thompson

    Save Show?

    Thank you both for the replies.
  15. O Thompson

    My stupid questions

    Hi, I may be able to help with a couple... 7- Blind mode. view the PB with the cue stack you want to edit. Hold the flash button of the PB, and type the Q number you wish to view / edit. once you have finished editing, press update 8- Once a chase is created, you can hold "settings" and click on the flash button under the PB containing the chase. This will bring up the setting window for the PB. Click on the Chase tab, and you can chose the amount of "shots" that will take place when the fader is raised or the flash button held. Hope this helps a little
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