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  1. ah... that would do it. Over sight on my part. Thanks
  2. Hi Folks, Its been a while and I hope you are all safe. I wanted to know if there is a way to prevent the blackout and grandmaster from affecting specific channels? Reason for this is... I have some moving heads, powered by colour source dimmers. The dimmers are set to relay, so that they "turn on" when a fader on the FLX is above a specified threshold (10%). I have patched the relays to the FLX and changed the default intensity of those channels to 100%. This means the moving heads are powered whenever I turn on the FLX. Now I want to utilise the grand master / bl
  3. Thanks, Ill give that a go.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Your suggestion, i think, is similar to my initial set up of using a 1 shot chase on a playback, built on similar cues... Firstly, I have found that if i only use 2 cues in the stack... Cue 1 - Fixtures fade to 0% Cue 2 - Fixtures move, change to white and fade up to 40% Then the following happens... Fixture fade to 0, then fixture fade to 40% whilst moving. So the move is still visible. If i do the following... Cue 1 - Fixtures fade to 0% Cue 2 - Fixtures move Cue 3- Fixtures Change to white and fade up to 40% Thi
  5. On top of this, is there an option to set a playback as "always has precedent"? for example if i run the playback described above, i dont want my piano light to be taken over by a wash playback? i want the piano playback to stay active until released?
  6. Im fairly sure this isnt a simple request, however... Let me try and set the scene... I have some moving heads used as wash lights. They are rigged FOH and provide down stage wash. I have a number of playbacks using these fixtures to create varying colours of wash on stage. On top of this, i have a couple of override playbacks (LTP) that "borrow" 2 or more of these moving heads for a piano light, focused in the auditorium. I have tried to do this using a cue stack turned into a 1 shot chase, which works for the initial move to the piano, although its a little glitchy and time consumi
  7. Ha! just got it back from repair so i hope not...
  8. Thanks Edward, Much appreciated as always.
  9. ok, so by loading capture before zeros, and then toggling between the PC ip and the ip on the universes section of the FLX phantoOS, i get control... not sure why the toggle between ip's is needed. but in this case it works.
  10. Right... found a setting under the "universes" tab of setup that allows me to alter the IP for CITP. this works with the Dockhouse demo, but not when im creating a new project... is there a specific setting in capture that i might be missing?
  11. I actually had it working quite successfully with the physical console. However in that case it was on an isolated network. We have a separate network setup in the venue for remote control of the FLX and X32 consoles, which allows me more control over the IP allocations.
  12. ah ok. In that case, on the FLX sim there is no "visualiser" option. I have already enabled remote apps in devices (is this required) and selected the IP option.
  13. It may be worth noting that i am using a works PC and i am unable to re allocate the machines IP
  14. Thanks for the swift replies... Edward, the link you provided doesn't seem to help... Shift +F10 has no response when using phantom ZerOS with the FLX sim?
  15. Hi Folks, can anyone assist with ZerOS and Capture? I have the capture demo running on my PC and Phantom ZerOS also running on my PC, but i cant seem to get capture to see or respond to ZerOS.
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