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  1. Hello I'm an verry happy User of Zero88 Jester ML And i have now the FLXS 24 here for testing, to buy und future use... But so many Things of this Console is unusable or in wrong think. But i see: new World have ne Futures and some new reason for thinking on Work... Nice to use Display for Name the Fixtures I dont like to use some duct Tape in the future. but What about the limites small Fixture-Name i can see in Programming Mode. My Regisseur dont understand Dim1 one or Dim1, hi says Give me the LED left Hand in the Front 30% of Red please... An then: Give me also the other Lamp back of them the same Color and Intens. So i named: "LED Left Hand Front" "LED Left Hand Mittle" "LED Left Hand Back" "MH Front Top of Head" and so on... In de Programming-Mode i always see "LED Lef..." for example It wil be helpfull i can select Fixture by Tap in the View Display, there i can see the Full Name. But this Display does nothing only for Lucky??? Many time i setup the whole Situation and the Users will programming the Scenes and they are not technican. Som Whorse Thing also is Grandmaster. How this Effecr start everytime on Cue 1 ??? Even if i seting up as Grandmaster or if i let him to Factory State. I wil fix it with a Duct Tape or Glue ??? It doesn't work as Grandmaster, becouse his using starts the whole Chuelist by Cue 1 ?!ç%&?! So i Setup a "Submaster-Fader" for been as Grandmaster. That works fine, but the Problem is the "Grand-Master" is present in Front and the Users thinking about this and sometime while the Show it will go from Cue 12 to beginning = 1 if he thake this Fader for wrong... The Cuelist-Selection on Display is only for small Lady Handy and no long Fingernails I have much Problem with the users to tapping the right Cue if we are in Szene-Setting or Probing.. What about Caser on Master-Playback-List ??? It is absolutly not practicable this multi-miniature View on Playback-Fader-Display We need some magnifying glass to reading "Current, Next and so on..." But this is even no option, i have 50-70 Scenes i need in Plaback (on Jester calls Memory Master) Anyway: I will loking for new Console. I was happy to using it like Jester ML especialy Memory Master with man Scenes and some Scenes as Caser. Easy and quick select any of this Scene in programming-Mode and also in Live-Mode if is needet. Is there any Way to using this with FLXS Thanks
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