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  1. Edward, Have sent some show files over. It's worth noting I can load all of my show files fine in 7.9.8. Will wait to hear via email! Nice One!
  2. Hi all, I upgraded from 7.9.7 to 7.9.9 and now I am unable to load any of my saved shows from 7.9.7 or 7.9.6. The show starts to load then just displays 'Load Failed'. Only thing I can think of is that those show files contained my own fixture files... Any suggestions welcome! Nice One!
  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Kevin - Thanks for the suggestion, but my colour fades were set accordingly. First thing I checked! As it turns out Edward was spot on! I have no idea how I had managed to turn on Fader Control Colour on the playback as I've not long upgraded to 7.9.5 and not had many hours on the desk with the new software. Anyhoo all fixed. Thanks so much!
  4. OK so have an issue on the FLX with LED fixtures snapping in the cue stack rather than fading. Generics fade fine of course. I'm using 7.9.5 on both an FLX and a Solution XL. Colour fades between cues work fine on the Solution but on the FLX the fixtures just snap to the colour in the next cue when pressing GO button. As far as I can tell both consoles have the same settings. I have tracking enabled on both and I am recording the cues as Cue Only with Smart Tag selected. The only other change I have made is to the LED Fixtures are the defaults. I wanted to be able to colour mix on p
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