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  1. Ah - I might have found the issue - am I right in thinking that the desk uses percentages (0-100%) but the fixture editor goes by absolute values? So if it's a 16bit pan and tile 60 and 50 are very close to the start points anyway - should I be using 43690 for the pan and 32768 for the fixture profile?
  2. Hello, I am still quite new to programming the Solution so forgive me if this is a basic error, but I can't find the answer in the manual. I have a number of very small moving head wash lights (Orbit-70 from Gear4music) - they're not spectacular but they are cheap enough that I can buy 12! I have created a fixture for them using fixture tools - because they have 180degree tilt and 270degree pan I have set the default home positions in the fixture profile to 50 and 66 - so that they point vertically downwards when you press 'home.' However, this didn't seem to transfer when I loaded the fixture profile into the desk with the USB stick. They were going to 0,0 whenever I pressed 'home.' I did then edit the home position on the desk (I couldn't find the 'edit fixtures' setting mentioned in the manual, but I am running 9.4 software) but I did find a way to change it, and now the fixtures go to the correct place (50,66) when I press home. However, I've created a number of cues using these lights and saved to a submaster/cue stack, and when I pull the fader back to zero, the movers go back to 0,0. They go back to the correct place when I raise the fader again, but of course the light comes on too and sweeps across the stage which looks terrible! Am I doing something wrong, or is the a bug? it's the first time I've created a fixture profile with the tools and I think I've done it correctly, but would be grateful for any advice? I'll try and attach the fixture profile file in another message.
  3. Hello - I have a question abou the fan effect (I've just bought a Solution so I'm new to programing it) I will have 8 or 10 small moving heads on a truss and I wanted to know if it's easy to make the middle two act as the centre ones, rather than make just one the centre one? or do I need to have an odd number of fixtures and make one of the them the 'middle' one?
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