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    Lighting & Sound at local school
  1. Brian M


    This is probabally the wrong place to ask this but here it is. Can a standard Frog be upgraded to take a USB port?myfloppy disk wont do anything anymore. It just says no disk I think it was. I am thinking is it better to just upgrade to the Jester 24/48. I must say the Frog is still performing well with no problems except the floppy. Thanks for any advice. regards Brian
  2. Brian M


    I have been reading about problems with upgrading by Floppy Disk. Is there any plans to upgrade to a Memory Stick feature? If so would there be any way to upgrade older machines to this new technology? I am using a Version 4 with a 9.1 upgrade. Just tried to upgrade to 10.4 but didnt work. I put the disk in and it did nothing but will keep trying. Cheers Brian Queensland Australia
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