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  1. Hi Edward, sorry, the season's been over-busy, got to the upgrade just now. Remote and Monitor working perfectly. 7.9.4 looks great, getting used to it. Just missing the possibility to change Home fixture values in setup. I'm searching the forum first, if nothing there, looks like I will bother you later. thanks again Petr
  2. hi Edward, thanks for your swift answer, the App is, oops, however the Orb is 7.8.1 so sorry, I do need to upgrade. The show's on now, can I let you know later if the issue's stil there with 7.9.4 ? Many thanks Petr
  3. hi, I suddenly got a similar problem, ORB XF, Remote on iPhone 5c. The app (worked fine, no updates done) now starts in absurd zoom 3 buttons visible and not reacting to anything. can there be something to help? thank you petr
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