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  1. Joe_H

    Problems with 7.9.4

    Dear Edward, Thank you for your response, I downgraded today as per above but no change they are still flashing - any other ideas? Thank you Joe
  2. Joe_H

    Problems with 7.9.4

    Dear Edward, I have contacted James and he is going to look at this again shortly with another tester, yes my apologies that was a typo I meant to say it flashes even if the 'Chauvet Colour Band Pix' battons are plugged directly into the desk with patch leads - bypassing all of the infrastructure cabling and 'Showtec DB 1-8' splitters ruleling out the environment. There are 7 fixtures on the DMX line and they are all the same with different addresses but flash at the same time even in blackout. I believe the tester was a swisson dmx tester. The issue started since upgrading to 7.9.4 from 7.9.3, I tried rolling back but it did not fix the issue oddly so it might not be fully rolling back some of the firmware? The infrastructure cabling is under the maximum length. When we tested the smaller FLX S24 that we have in a studio also on 7.9.4. it also had the DMX anomalies that James saw however it was still within DMX specification I believe. Kind regards, Joe
  3. Joe_H

    Problems with 7.9.4

    I also have this issue with some of my fixtures so I would be interested to know if you found a solution to this? I have a similar setup with 2 universes 1 splitter each, the flashing happens even if the desk is plugged directly into the desk, all cabling tests fine & rig sync disabled. We did notice some dmx values randomly shooting up occasionally with the tester although still within dmx specification.
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