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  1. Afx

    zeros 8 Wishlist, add yours

    Forgot this: show shifted parameters. ie. I press shift and fan fixtures, the values or the fanning mode cant be seen from anywhere as far as I can tell.
  2. Fades on flash exec-screen scalable custom window that you can build by yourself from whatever you want pixmap, I take it that this is on works? oneshot fx option fx options improvements, show phase and add the option to expand the top/bottom of the waves General update on looks from 90´s :P Add yours for the dev team to look at. Also, if possible, z88-team could notify on how things are going :)
  3. Afx

    My stupid questions

    https://www.facebook.com/282530685457527/posts/893353054375284?s=1049873890&v=e&sfns=mo got somewhere, still working out kinks. That fadetime for flashes would be great
  4. Ill shoot this to mail very shortly. In case of emergency, I can run this with Dimmer as fx and leds as separate but would prefer a real profile. I know of the fixture builder but dont have time before this gig. Gotta get to know it later on.
  5. I`d need this for thursday If possible. Sorry for timetable. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1007741/Eurolite-Nsf-350.html
  6. Afx


    Got 7.9.5 to work with showtec 8/5 node using sacn. Ill have a look on artnet again when I get back.
  7. Afx


    Cant seem to get artnet or sacn to work. Any ideas? edit, got sacn to work. What node are you using?
  8. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Z88 on vacation or something? @Edward- Z88?
  9. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Cheers, I`ll give this a go when I get back to warehouse. Although, I`d prefer a view-option that would show everything thats recorded inside a cue and simply removing an x from a box would take things off.
  10. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Where can I untag a group which is ie recorded accidentally?
  11. Afx

    My stupid questions

    The offset seems to crank the zero point of the offset as a whole, shift+offset wheel lets you fan parameters between fixtures. Although, it doesnt show the option or values anywhere... ltp catch and untagging color from fader seems to help somewhat the summing effect between stacks, although its not a perfect solution.
  12. Afx

    My stupid questions

    Cheers for the above, I know of the blind mode, moreso was Looking for a way to recall just the waveforms-view or so to check tagged parameters or to update values . Ed/Jon? Got more incoming too 😁
  13. Afx

    My stupid questions

    I’ll post my dumbness here. 1. No fade times on Flash? Any chance on having intensity bumps on go buttons with fadeout time? 2. Offset override seems weird. I can edit offset from waveforms quite alright but override with wheel seems to just ramp it to 0 every time. 3. Any option to spread out the colors of a moodboard across cmy/rgbw- fixtures? 4. Would be nice to get fx masters with an option to control fx speed, spread and ie pt speed separately. Or can I? 5. Sometimes switching between cue stacks with color effect on both sums the output through white, which is kinda bad sometimes. Does it just go through parameters from point a to b or is there some other logic behind I should know about? 6. Fanned ”sneak out”. Any way to do it? 7. Editing a cue. Any way to spy on information inside a cue not changing the output on stage? 8. Single shot fx. Lets say I want to put a color running through the venue- once. Cant find a way to limit the cycles or change spacing between the fx waves. 9. Center out fx. How? Very much relates to the above. Will post more after weekend is done. English is rusty as well, bare with me. Mostly I`m fairly surprised on how much this little thing can do.
  14. Finland Couple of weeks now. Flx with touchscreen/IPad. 2x s24 with ipad. Corporate, events. All kinds of. From corporate av to trance events to outdoor stuff up to a couple of thousands of attendees. Led, moving heads, conventionals. Flightcase. Looking at 1-4 gigs per week. Absolutely none apart from our own folks who are in training. This is chamsys/ma country. No big glitches so far, need to ask a few things on how to do stuff and some things are missing that id like to have. Not much though.
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