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  1. Nothing complicated, same network and app finds the console right away, just meed to disable data from SIM.
  2. Cheers for the quick response, hope that you use the time on your hands to beef up zeros8 dev. At least I for one am waiting for it.
  3. As stated. Can you give anything out on the effects on control range? More resources, merging with another line?
  4. iPad pro 13” with a tp-link 5g router + a 23” touchscreen. Works fine.
  5. Is this with the new type of library? "OS-9734 ZerOS Library 39 now included"- Doesnt state this.
  6. Is there a single sheet that lists all available shortcuts and syntax commands? Browsing the manual and seem to find new things every now and then, but no listing?
  7. Cmoon! There must be something you can tell, at least acklowledge you got the message?
  8. Its been a month, anything you can give out?
  9. Forgot this: show shifted parameters. ie. I press shift and fan fixtures, the values or the fanning mode cant be seen from anywhere as far as I can tell.
  10. Fades on flash exec-screen scalable custom window that you can build by yourself from whatever you want pixmap, I take it that this is on works? oneshot fx option fx options improvements, show phase and add the option to expand the top/bottom of the waves General update on looks from 90´s :P Add yours for the dev team to look at. Also, if possible, z88-team could notify on how things are going :)
  11. Afx

    My stupid questions

    https://www.facebook.com/282530685457527/posts/893353054375284?s=1049873890&v=e&sfns=mo got somewhere, still working out kinks. That fadetime for flashes would be great
  12. Ill shoot this to mail very shortly. In case of emergency, I can run this with Dimmer as fx and leds as separate but would prefer a real profile. I know of the fixture builder but dont have time before this gig. Gotta get to know it later on.
  13. I`d need this for thursday If possible. Sorry for timetable. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1007741/Eurolite-Nsf-350.html
  14. Afx


    Got 7.9.5 to work with showtec 8/5 node using sacn. Ill have a look on artnet again when I get back.
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