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  1. Hi Guys Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I managed to make a couple of playbacks and get settings nailed down, primarily using LTP catch, and seem to have got my head around everything now, so the desk is working as desired! thanks for your help - the articles were useful in understanding different control elements.
  2. Hi Edward, nothing is set to inhibit. By playing around some more my playback 2 seems to be working okay now by having the various playbacks set to LTP catch. In other settings, it doesn’t play the intensity changes. regarding playback 1, even by updating the playback or saving it as a snapshot, it still only seems to operate the single fixture. I’ve attached an image of the output window. would a show file benefit? I can hunt down a USB stick if so. thanks
  3. Hi both, sorry for the delay in response, I didn’t get the opportunity to try these things out on Friday. so, having read the articles and tried different settings with smart tagging and intensity mixing, I am facing the following; i have 2 playbacks; one which is aimed to be all lights 100% intensity and a single colour temp. However, this playback only seems to be actioned on a single light fixture, none of the others change, even if I select them all when I record the cue. the second playback is designed as a test with multiple cues, aiming to get the sky panels to change colour and the space lights to dim to 0% intensity. I have tried different tagging and intensity mixing options - this playback only cues the intensity changes when set to inhibit, not in any other mode, even if playback 1 is not active. i am confused here primarily about; - why is the playback 1 only playing back on fixture 3 but none of the others? - why is playback 2 not playing the intensity changes unless in inhibit, which leads to its other issues with intensity mixing in channel mode etc. thanks
  4. Hi, have been doing some learning on the FLX desk using the support videos and so on, with the aim of just programming in a random test show. I’ve stumbled across a few things that I can’t work out. - when I play a playback, especially as a chase, how can I stop that playback mid cycle? The only way I seem to be able to do so is by bringing the fader to 0, but that acts more to reduce intensity. The cues continue to play. - after programming playbacks, if I go back to channel control, the light intensity will not change if a playback intensity has been left on 0. - reducing other playback sliders to 0 will also reduce all lights to 0 regardless of other playbacks running. - for intensity mixing, I seem to have to set it to inhibit in playback settings for the playback to run at all - if I don’t do this, cues don’t play and the lights all stay at 100% intensity and no colour changes. Using HTP/LTP/LTP Catch doesn’t seem to change this. i followed through the YouTube videos, but perhaps I am setting up a playback wrong to start with. Once recording a cues it seems to take a whole bunch of fiddling to get them to actually play back. rig is using skypanels and space force leds. thanks
  5. Hi Edward, Think I just solved it - the values were not blue, but I had a realisation while watching one of the training videos, it was recording the channel of that one light only onto the master playback. I have cleared the master playback and default values, recreated the set up saved onto playback one and seem to have solved the issue! Still learning the desk so apologies for what now seems a fairly basic error. James
  6. So when the desk powers on, all fixtures display 100 except this fixture. I have also just noticed within the output window that the playback only seems to be saving in this specific light. The rest show up as default but I can’t seem to make it one big playback. thanks James
  7. Hi Edward, i’m Away from the desk now so i’ll Give this a go on Monday and let you know! thanks
  8. Hi, ive got a Zero88 FLX console operating the DMX controls for lighting on a filming stage, using a combination of sky panels and space force lights. day to day we operate with the lights on 100% intensity and 5600k, so to make life easier i recorded a playback of all the lights set this way, to recall when we power on the desk. however, upon power up, the intensity and colour settings for the 2nd light in the sequence are forgotten, meaning it just goes blank when the desk fires up. any ideas? thanks
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