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  1. Hi Well Kgallen you have saved the day. After all I only had to read the f.manual. I was doing it all wrong. I was trying to assign a fixture from the floppy containing a cft file and the mixer didn’t recognize it. I did what you said, loaded the cft file and replaced the existing one in the desk. After that I tried to assign a fixture again and there it was, the cft file I previously loaded. I thought we could just add one more fixture to the file already existing in the mixer. But you have to create a new file and replace the existing one. I have now, in the mixer, a fixture file containing only...one fixture! It was, also, only after reading the manual, I realized I had to reboot the mixer to implement the changes. thank all you guys again mmoleiro
  2. Hi tks a bunch for your reply. I am trying to extract just one fixture from the ift file and then record it to a floppy disc as a cft file. Unfortunately the mixer does not like it. It says something like “ no fixture file found “ but I will give it another try. i will let you know tkss again mmoleiro
  3. Hi ... probably I am doing something wrong. The Fat Frog uses ift or cft files as for fixtures use? And which type of file does the Common fixture manager generate? tkssss mmoleiro
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