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  1. But ignores by using the colourpicker?
  2. It coast £300. Hear you can find an Introduction about it https://zero88.com/manuals/universe-upgrade-instructions.pdf And yes, you can purchase also directly one with 2 universes. That is cheaper. At the end of the product site are the different order codes https://zero88.com/products/consoles/flxs/index.shtml By patching your fixtures you can choose not only the DMX channel, you can also change the Universe. So you are couplet flexible.
  3. Hi Edward, thanks a lot! That helps for the first time. I am excited about ZerOS 7.9.5. To bad, Sunstips and LED Bars could be so beautiful and manifold effects.
  4. Hello community, is there a way to change the defaults of a Fixture? In my special situation I have a few Fresnels with motorised Focus. I like to have different scenes on different faders. Like all lights on, or only two for a speaker.... But every time with the same focus. If I record them by the normal way on the faders. The motor is every time in movement and you can see it at the output. Is anyone here wit an idea of a solution? Thanks! Sven Btw. is there still in plan to implement a better handling with multi-cell fixture in zeros 7.9.5? I read that hear some where in the forum? 11/5000
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