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  1. When we start up our flx S24, after 10 seconds the screen flashes white once, then 15 seconds later the logo appears and progress bar. Is this flashing of the screen normal? - it somehow feels odd. Thanks.
  2. PhD

    Chase Speed

    Please do no downgrade the feature set when you upgrade the software. Can we have it back, please?
  3. PhD

    Chase Speed

    Hello, I may have been unclear, but I want the chase to follow the different fade times as defined in the individual cues before the automatic conversion to a chase, not to fade them all in the same time. The problem is that I am unable to set the speed to zero, while the manual states: "When the Speed is set to zero, the chase runst according to the delay and fade times that are programmed into each step (cue) in the chase" (Flx s24 manual, version 7.8.3) The manual then goes on with what happens is the zero is not set to zero, which is, what I think, the procedure you clarified for me. So my question remains: is there something wrong with my desk, with the way i handle it, or is the manual excplaining an procedure that actually doesn't exist? Thanks
  4. After converting a simple playback (adjusting only dimmer intensities) into a chase, we want it to run at the programmed times. Manual tells us to set the chase speed to zero .(p.18) However, I cannot set the speed to zero, it always returns to '1bmp'. (As I understand it, you also haveo to set face percentage to 100%).
  5. Thank you for the answer. Do you plan to implement blind mode functionality (even in it's simplest form of intensity editing) in a future sorftware update? It would make a good console an outstanding one!
  6. When playing back a (master) cue-list, how can i change cues further down the list while continuing with the show, and not changing the output on stage.
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