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  1. Hi, Edward Smith Thank you for your early replying. I would send you an email attached the picture of my serial number.
  2. Hi, I have problem with MMFs for controlling intensity and running cue. When I raise Faders in either Channel mode or Playback mode, some of them are not work and internal display does not indicate any intensity levels. I have also checked “DMX outputs” tab on “System Information” page and DMX signals have not out from the Universe. This issue have occurred every time after powering on the console. Furthermore, these faders with the issue would change to the others every time I turn on the console, so I cannot detect specific faders with the issue. Sometimes half of the faders would not work. This issued has been occurred when I updated ZEROS to 7.10, but the console have been stable after updating to 7.11 last April. However, this issue has happened again. Does anybody have same kind of problem? Is this problem with firmware or hardware?
  3. Hi @kgallen and @iank99 Thank you for all your suggestion and support. I have been working on repairing my S48. I emailed support@zero88.com and now the console is able to reboot and worked fine! @Edward Z88 I appreciate all your help!
  4. Hi, I have exactly the same issue on my S48. I have tried launching ZerOS Startup Tool to plug my keyboards, but it does not work. I have tried using 3 different keyboards but, they do not work. I tried plugging for each of them to both USB ports of the front and back panels. However, still not. Do you have any tips?
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