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  1. Probably missing something obvious, but is there a way of looping a short cue list to run continually? As an example - I have a set of LED fresnels with a virtual colour wheel - to mimic the effect of colour wheel rotation on a moving head I can set a simple cue list from colour 1 at, say DMX value 15, to the last colour at DMX value 235. Setting a 60s fade time, I get just the cycle effect I want but can’t see how to go back to the start of the cue cyclically without hitting “go” again. Converting to a chase messes up all the fade times and seems to jump from first DMX value to last, without fading through the intermediate colours - changing the fade up/down just seems to slow the fade to first colour but not the fade through the colours, or unlinks colours from intensity as the fader is pushed up... I’d also, ideally, like to offset the values across the fixtures so the same colour sweeps across the fixture line. I can do all this as a simple multi-step chase but this, with the offset, would be very easy to mess up and mis-program a step. Is there an elegant way of achieving the same thing? (An offset rainbow in the effects engine is clearly a possibility here, but not quite what I’m after on this occasion...)
  2. Would these help? Tried them out on our FLX S24 last night with a few RGB fresnels and some ETC Colorsource CYCs and all seemed to work ok.... First three are in Chroma, order, the fourth in numeric order bit it's a bit smaller than ideal. May be OK on a large screen with the ZerOS Remote app running.
  3. Maybe a silly question - is capture set to listen to the correct IP address? It may be set to automatic in the options, or might be set to a specific IP address listener? (Options -> Connectivity)
  4. This might be a bit too esoteric to be helpful for anyone else , but I'm finding this useful for a certain song from a musical about a multicoloured coat we're working towards just now...
  5. Will do - let me check what's going on at work next week as I know I'm out the office for a few days.
  6. So, I removed the USB stick, and rebooted, and ran the show with no issue. After the show, I checked back on the system and saw no Comms errors. For completeness and curiosity, I tried adding back the USB desk lamps, one at a time, and both together, and again no issues (though I will heed advice and will not usually do this - I just wanted to see if I could replicate the issues...) Plugged the USB stick into the top of the desk and immediately the desk locked up and was unresponsive for 5-10 seconds, then came back after a short flash of a few of the playback LEDs on Ch13-24. A clean reboot of the desk and re-trying this exactly replicated the issue. Strange thing was, if I clean reboot the desk and plug in the same USB stick into the rear USB port, saving and loading files to and from it, the desk runs perfectly stable and gives no comms issues or desk hesitancy. It seems writing back to the USB stick on the front port only is instigating some form of comms issue that persists until the desk is power cycled and then is absent until the USB stick is used again. Is there any hardware difference in the two ports, do we have a dodgy USB port, or is there some firmware glitch here, as this has only occurred since the flash to 7.9.6....? Really interested in your thoughts on this.... I'll keep an eye on things over the final three show nights and continue to report anything unanticipated or unusual.
  7. OK, so the saga continues.... No LED desk lamps plugged in tonight, but still some DMX issues on the lamps. I updated a couple of cues as part of a slight tweak and as I was saving to USB I saw an odd message flash up. Delving back into the system dialogue and I spotted the errors coming up on the screen, as shown in the files below... These were streaming through in batches of a few at a time. I have a video, but too big to upload... (I can drop you a Dropbox link if it helps, but doesn't really show any more than the image, just the frequency and timing of error messages...) This was after a clean reboot and just saving to USB stick.
  8. Thanks Jon, I think that covers it!! Fingers crossed for a smooth show tonight and I'll report back. Whilst here, an unrelated question - the training sessions on our desk, both at TLG and at PLASA have been great and of huge value (it was a shame I had to duck out of the end of the last PLASA session and miss both the G&T and extra hints and tips!), but we are amassing lots of "it'd be great if we could just do..." or "Hmm.... Why did that happen like that...?" type questions. I wondered if there are options for a more tailored and focussed intermediate-level desk training session and what might be available?
  9. Edward, is it worth a note to that effect in the manual? I don’t think we’d been advised of that, but may have missed it?
  10. Hi all These are the lamps in question: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BWTYMPM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I’ll see if there’s a current draw on the specs on the box later but will discontinue use. I was not anticipating there would be a power draw issue but understand that the FLX S has a few features removed to hit the price point and thus doesn’t have the self healing USB ports. I will run the lamps off an external USB powerpack and see how we get on tonight. thanks for the quick response on this.
  11. Just a quick update - I quickly ran the same showfile on PhantOS last night, on 7.9.6 and linked to Capture to see what was going on and it seemed to behave itself, though I only ran through the cues quickly, rather than sitting there for hte full 2 hour show timings. Could this be a dodgy firmware update or an emerging desk issue? (Or dodgy USB peripherals - but would be surprised if they could cause significant interference?)
  12. Hi forum folk, I have been running the opening night of a show tonight and had several unexpected and significant issues with our FLX S24. Last show on the desk was pretty solid. Only changes here since last show were: - Successful update to 7.9.6 - Modified Profile for Chavet FXPar 9 to split out inner LED, outer LEDs and strobe - using 2 x USB desk lights on the desk USB ports. Issues: - seeing what appeared to be intermittent but fairly frequent rogue DMX on the lines, resulting in unexpected colour flashes and intensity changes on our LED luminaires (Chauvet FXPar9s, 415s, 910s, ColorSource CYCs and Martin MH-5s) and the moving heads re-positioning, re-homing or otherwise moving at random - odd desk activity with the playback LEDs occasionally randomly strobing from left to right on flash buttons 13-24, similar to the strobing, scrolling LEDs we'd expect to see on desk reboot - Significant, intermittent lag on the master playback GO button, sometimes in the order of several seconds, or even not responding at all - part-way through the show, a complete lock-up, all lights on zero intensity and no control or response to desk operation (faders, buttons, flash buttons or touch screen) whatsoever for 30-45 seconds. After making do as best we could for a short while, we fortunately had a short section on just followspot (not run off the desk) where we power cycled the desk for a hard reboot and got the desk back and it ran fine after that, but the issues to that point did cause a significant distraction. Possibly worth noting that we did have some minor quirks when programming, with some similar issues to a lesser extent. I may just have done something stupid in the programming - the showfiles and the updated Chauvet profile are included here just in case. We did remove the USB desk lights before the hard reset and didn't re-use them again, but could a simple USB accessory cause this much disruption on the DMX lines? Wanted to raise this ASAP, both to see how we avert it for the show for the rest of the week, and also in case there's a 7.9.6 issue arising? Can't see we have any crimped or compressed DMX cables, and all lines are properly terminated... I'm a bit perplexed. All thoughts and suggestions welcome. SHOWTIME_MASTER_FILE12.isf AJ_Chauvet FXpar 9 9Ch 3way.ift SHOWTIME_MASTER_FILE.isf
  13. Hi Zero88. Starting to programme a new show on the FLX S24 and 2 questions have arisen... 1 - is it possible to copy a batch of cues on the "S" consoles? I have a bulk set of cues that need copying to form an encore for the last night. I understand the FLX allows, e.g. "200 thru 280 to 500" Is it one cue at a time on the FLX? *** EDIT - Ignore this, I've just seen I can use an external keyboard to do "From 200>280" "TO 500" *** 2 - Is there an elegant way to get my moving heads to come on from a set position, sweep up, then go dark at cue end? At the moment I'm using: - Cue A - snap heads to a set colour/position - Cue B - positional fade to the swept-up position - Cue C - Snap to dark All cues are set to Go after Previous with zero delay. Just feels there must be a more elegant way of doing this relatively common move? I can copy the relevant cues to a playback fader and run them as a single shot chase if needs bs, but again, I feel there is likely to be a better way?
  14. Hi, Wondered whether the PLASA training sessions reflected the “formal” Zero 88 training, or whether they were more user-tailored? I was planning to pop by the stand to get some help on the fixture editor (as briefly discussed a while ago on the forums with Edward) but if it’s better to come along to the training venue, please let me know? Thanks!
  15. Just wondering - how "zero" does intensity have to be before SmartTag ignores it? I wonde rif it was at, say 1-2%, the lamp is unlikely to be visible, but SmartTag would then record an intensity, and so capture the fixture? And, if so, can the profile be edited such that the minimum value on the Intensity channel could be changed from 0 to a DMX value of 001 or 002?
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