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  1. Possibly a trivial point, but if 7.9.8 is not wholly backward compatible with 7.9.7, I wonder if this may cause some user confusion and concerns - it seems much more than an incremental update and I wonder why this is not moving toward ZerOS 8.0, to signify the change in show file and library format? Is there a reason for keeping the incremental numbering? And is there something even bigger planned for ZerOS 8...?
  2. Thanks Edward, that all makes sense now. I'll also go explore some of the FLX effects options - some of the custom intensity effects may come in handy.
  3. Hi Zero88, Trivial one, but just for the record... It seems that when using the offset in the FX engine, if I hold Shift and tap Effects, and select “fan first”, when then using the offset wheel, the fixture behaviour changes as expected, but the actual value on the screen above the encoder doesn’t update. For all other options, it works as expected. I can replicate this behaviour on both on a physical FLX S 24 and in Phantom ZerOS. Clearly no urgent fix required but thought you’d like to know. On an effects-related question - if I open up my FLX S showfile
  4. Ok, that makes sense, I think. Though I couldn’t seem to retrieve the part no. from the link you referred to, only an option to upgrade. Not a problem, I assume we do indeed have a 1U FLX S24. Thanks for the clarification....
  5. Hi Edward, I took the S/N off the Desk Info, after tapping the "Z" key.. If that's correct, your Chilli dimmers are very easy to programme! I'm now even more intrigued as to the desk's serial number!
  6. Firstly, Ed and team, thanks for all the video training sessions recently - despite having had the console for over a year now, I've learnt a whole lot of productivity and time saving tips from these... Second - hopefully not as daft a question as the title suggests - following the setup video on DMX Universes, I was discussing with the team here the possibility of future upgrades to a 2 universe desk - we bought a 1 universe FLX S24, model 0020-000022-00, vs the 2 universe -000023-00 version. Or so we thought... On digging around, I appear to be able to output DMX independently on
  7. Hmmm..... Well, I tried to capture this as a video, but one of the iPads updated it's iOS overnight and now is working as you'd described! All good, but will drop a video back if they start mirroring each other again.
  8. Thanks, Edward. The desk is indeed on 7.9.7 and the iOS apps are latest version. Can do a quick video of behaviour if helpful?
  9. Trying a little experiment with the FLX S24 last night and discovered I can run at least three iPads as touchscreens on the FLX S, using the Monitor and Remote apps. I was wondering if there was a limit on just how many could be used? One idiosyncracy I noticed was that, using Monitor on the iPads, if I changed from, say, the Cue window to the Fader window on one iPad, all iPads reflected the change and showed the same window. However, using the Remore app, I could get screens showing a different, independent window on each, which is much more helpful, but less visually pleasing! Is th
  10. Ok, I’ll check this on the console and see if tracking is on or off. But if it’s off, as suggested, would all cues not be recorded as block cues anyway and therefore the effect be removed even if the heads are at zero intensity, and would Move on Dark not be functional? Or am I misunderstanding how the desk behaves in non-smart tag mode?
  11. Thanks Ed, I am sure this is me being stupid, but on build 7.9.7, where is Smart Tag? From the cue list with the offending cue selected, I hold Effect and tap Home, which homes the heads as anticipated and sets intensity to 100%. I then need to set intensity back to zero (as we’ve discussed, with a non-zero intensity, switching off the effects works fine, it’s just these zero intensity cues...), but keep the fixtures selected. If I tap update, I get no obvious Smart Tag prompt. Holding Update, I get the dialogue in the image attached...I tried Clear Tagging and some of the other option
  12. Hi Ed and team, just trying this on a current show. I’m finding I can record a block cue to stop the effects engine at the end of the playlist, but that I’m not able to update a cue in the midst of a pre-existing playlist on the master cue list. So, if I do Shift+Record and hit the master playback, it records my block cue at the playlist. If I then try to copy that cue to the right place in the list, it loses the Blocked properties. Similarly, if I try to update a cue in the playlist and remove the smart tag as outlined above, It doesn’t carry through the detagging, only if I reco
  13. Probably missing something obvious, but is there a way of looping a short cue list to run continually? As an example - I have a set of LED fresnels with a virtual colour wheel - to mimic the effect of colour wheel rotation on a moving head I can set a simple cue list from colour 1 at, say DMX value 15, to the last colour at DMX value 235. Setting a 60s fade time, I get just the cycle effect I want but can’t see how to go back to the start of the cue cyclically without hitting “go” again. Converting to a chase messes up all the fade times and seems to jump from first DMX value to last, w
  14. Would these help? Tried them out on our FLX S24 last night with a few RGB fresnels and some ETC Colorsource CYCs and all seemed to work ok.... First three are in Chroma, order, the fourth in numeric order bit it's a bit smaller than ideal. May be OK on a large screen with the ZerOS Remote app running.
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