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  1. Got it! Hadn't realised that hitting the "colour" attribute button repeatedly scrolled through the alternate channels associates with that attribute. Makes perfect sense! If the group go ahead with the purchase, I will seek out a thorough training course in the locality.... I noticed that the courses local to Manchester are after the show we planned to roll this rig out for, but also noticed you offer in-venue training. How would we get a cost for this? I'll also drop the fixtures team a line, as one of the lamps might be absent - whilst the 2K Chauvet Ovation fresnel is present (F-915FC) the newer, smaller version (F-415FC) isn't. The channel maps appear the same so it may well not be an issue, unless there are any odd idiosyncrasies. Thanks, again, for the on-going assistance!
  2. Hi Edward, Slightly different question having played with the PhantOS PC software. It looks like the lights we are looking to acquire already exist already in the fixture list (big plus vs some of the other desks under consideration!) and control of most of these are self explanatory. The beam, colour etc palettes work fine for most lamps. However, one of the lights we're looking at for effects is a Chauvet FXPar9. I can patch this in on the desk and see how to access some parameters, but the light has 9 channels per fixture, for the two sets of LEDs, and a strobe control. These don't auto-generate in the palettes or offer independent control of the two LED light sources. How do I get control of the lights on a channel-by-channel basis? I may have missed this in the manual? Thanks, again, for the assistance...
  3. Thanks Edward, that’s very helpful.... I will play around with the visualiser. You mentioned the unlock dongle - I assume Capture, therefore, comes with a USB key to activate, so we can install it on a clue of laptops for different users within the group, then just use the dongle as required to work alongside the console, depending who is programming that show.... Is that acceptable? And if I have this right, the PC and FLx S24 connect via Ethernet - if this Ethernet router is Wi-fi enabled, we can then use an iPad as external touchscreen too? So, console and iPad using zMonitor and laptop to see what’s going on? And for the size of rig we need, Capture Solo, at ca £300, should do all we require? Apologies for all the questions - spending someone else’s money so want to be confident in my recommendations!
  4. Hope this question is OK for this group, but would appreciate some thoughts from the community - I'm returning to theatrical LD work after some time away, so my knowledge of the latest Zero88 range and capabilities is a little out of date... I have been asked by a local dramatics group to re-invigorate their lighting setup - they are looking to purchase an LED based rig and are looking at control options. One option suggested to us is to get a FLX S24. I quite like this option, and the ability to add an iPad as an external touchscreen, and it also has the benefit of fitting the budget, which is not extensive! One of the key constraints the group have with their venue is access time for programming - this is a shared facility and rig and tech time are highly limited. I wondered what cost-effective options might be available to us to link the Zero88 and a visualiser to programe shows off-line, either with or without the console? I saw mention of Capture as a posibility and wondered if this links nicely with the Phantom ZerOS to allow the bulk of presets to be constructed off-line and visualised? Capture Solo looks like it might fit our needs, though I wondered how it authenticates and whether it could be installed on different PCs, dependent upon which of the team were using it, i.e. is it donlge-authorised, or just single install licensed? I'd be grateful if anyone is wiling to share their experiences and advice of a suitable setup for the group, that will not break the bank. We're not going for a huge rig here - a dozen or so LED fresnels and ellipsoidals, a few LED PARs, 2-4 LED cyc lights and 2-4 small moving heads, dependent upon how the budgets are looking - so we don't need anything hugely over-specced. Be grateful for any thoughts and advice you might be able to offer.... Thanks in advance.
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