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  1. Ruud

    Re-arming a playback

    Hi Ed, Thanks for the swift reply. Just one more: GoTo [Cue nr] (holding "flash" and typing the nr on the numpad) also doesn't work in 2-way mode, correct? And I also had a lot of trouble adjusting and/or adding cues. (I'm a GO-button man myself but a visiting tech insisted on using the fader to switch scenes, and it really gave me a major headache) regards, Ruud
  2. Ruud

    Re-arming a playback

    On FLX, how do I re-arm a playback that I have cleared if that playback is set to 2-way manual? Besides rebooting the console, that's the only method I've found to work, but that's not always a viable option. thx in advance, Ruud
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