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  1. Heey K-Nine, I know. I have already worked with an Avolite Pearl 2004 and a Grand MA Light. With that table, it is very easy to make such moves. I have tried te make the wave and the sequence... it works, but I'd made over 25 steps!! It was 10 mniutes to program that move!! But thnx for your kindness to answer on my question! kind regards... Rene
  2. Hello Foax, I have a question about a move to program. I want to program a wave, what goes up and down, but I want something special with thsi move. This move is easy to make, but I want that, if the laps go down the lamp is on, but when the lamps go up, the lamp must be out! My englisch is not even good, I'm sorry fot that! I hope you understand my question! I have a Leap Frog with 10,4 software, I look forward to your reply's kind regards Rene
  3. Rene

    Mambo Frog

    Hello, Yes, I mean that fader, the SX-master fader! So you say that I can't manage differtent HTP levels on the SX buttons, because there is only one fader? Is this correct? Thanks for answering... Rene
  4. Rene

    Mambo Frog

    Hello.. I have a question. I work with a Mambo frog. On a Mambo frog, you have SX-buttons. I tryed to program HTP under the SX-buttons, but something strange happened. Only, if I hold down a SX-button, than only goes the intensity to 100%. If I don't hold down the SX-Button, than nothing will happen. This isn't really strange, at all. Than I tried to progrem a few HTP under the SX-Buttons. Than I put a SX-button and switch the fader up to 50%. Than I hold down an other SX-button, the HTP starts at 50%!! How is it possible. I think that the table can only manage one HTP at time, is it right what I'm saying? Is there anybody who can solve this problem? I'm looking forward to read a hint or tip! Kind regards, Rene, the Netherlands
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