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  1. Zero88 interestingly makes a move to quietly announce the release of ZeroOS 7.9.5, the Betapack 4, a ZerOS 1U Sever, and a new data distribution device. This was shared on their Facebook page by posting a link to an article written by LSi Online: https://www.lsionline.com/pl-s-zero-88-highlights-multifunctionality It sounds like we will hear more in the coming days as Prolight and Sound 2019 progresses. Watch this space as they say..!
  2. Currently starting to look into a LED matrix project, would be great for some functionality on the FLX to control this. I can imagine using multi-touch colour picker would be fun with a large matrix of LEDs!
  3. Hi Jon, On ZerOS, will installing the new fixture library overwrite and remove fixtures files that are not part of the library? Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi Zero 88, Having recently dabbled into creating a website, I have noticed neither the forum or the main Zero88 website has 'favicons'. Not a major issue, but it would make my favorites bar look a lot nicer than two blank boxes Cheers, Alex
  5. Hi Fred, This was recently asked in another sub forum: Sounds like we still have a short wait yet! Cheers, Alex
  6. Yes, this sounds perfect! If only it was so simple to implement haha. Cheers, Alex
  7. Hi Edward, Since struggling to re-order parameters on a large fixture file before reading this hint, is there any chance that the 'parameters' column could be a user editable cell? This would seems slightly more intuitive then the current method in my mind - and especially for new users to the software..! Just a thought, Cheers, Alex
  8. Hi Edward, I too am in a similar situation to ZeuS - with duplicates of fixture files I have modified to suit my preference. Has the feature to delete single fixture files been implemented yet, or can we expect it in ZerOS 7.9.5? Many thanks, Alex
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