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  1. Hi Edden, I have managed to get SCS to trigger cues on the FLX (similar enough to your Solution console..!), however as Edward has stated above, you will require a USB to MIDI interface (and two MIDI cables) For reference I use the "M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 2x2 Anniversary Edition" however I'm sure almost any MIDI interface should work with SCS and Solution. Alex
  2. Thanks for the advice Edward, I've had a look into assigning the MTC on cues - this looks promising. Is there a deafult way to record a cue with the Trigger set to MIDI? My only thought I cant quite work out right now is if I cue all of track 1, and I have a few LX cues between track 1 and track 2, where is it best placed to have these cues? Would it still be on PB1, or onto the Master PB and cue with MSC? I understand MSC can only trigger the master PB?
  3. Hi all, Like all of us, I am trying to make the most of the time being stuck indoors, and adjusting to this new temporary way of life. I have finally dived into linking FLX to Capture 2020 (all be it the free trial version) (KB Ref: http://support.zero88.com/988883201) and I have had good success in getting things working. Side note: you can download a version of the ‘Dockhouse’ venue for Capture 2020 from the Capture website which works flawlessly with the FLX showfiles. I managed to create a blank Capture file and added in a few generic fixtures and got these controlled direc
  4. I hadn't thought of laying the groups out like this before. Nice idea!
  5. Hi Tom, Afraid I can't help with your macro question directly however I might try the following approach. Within the parameter of CH13, go to the 'Details' tab. In here create two positions. One to take you to your 'reset' position (values 200-209), and one back to 'default' (I assume 0). Once created these can be accessed by pressing the 'middle button' on the relevant encoder wheel. I have attached a screenshot for a similar set up for a prism, however you should be able to apply this to your situation. I should also be able to help with load fixtures into Phantom.
  6. +1 to Simons request (in addition to auto palette for UV..!) Hopefully another request bumps it up the 'to do' list slightly. Thanks, Alex
  7. Hi Afx, I dont think this is exactly what you're looking for, but still useful! http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/998481801/Can-I-plug-a-keyboard-into-my-console.htm Alex
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to prepare my desk as much as possible before heading into the venue / or being front of the real desk. Is there a method on Phantom ZerOS to get into Playback settings, usually I would hold 'Setup' and press the playback if I was in front of the physical desk, but I can't work out if this is possible on Phantom? Also if trying to use any 'shifted' functions is also an issue. Pressing the shift key on my keyboard doesn't seem to interact with Phantom. Am I missing something obvious here? I have double checked to make sure Phantom is my 'active' window. C
  9. I second this, some sort of Excel/CSV output from the fixture schedule would be a great help
  10. Interesting to see the addition of 'Continuous' and 'Delta' DMX transmission; I haven't heard of this before. What is the benefit of switching to Delta transmission?
  11. Great to hear that 7.9.6 and a new manual is 'very' close to release! I have been waiting for the new manual for ages!
  12. Zero88, Any update on a release date for the new FLX manuals? Cheers, Alex
  13. Hi, I have since been able to download it successfully (think it was on the bank holiday) and installed into the desk. Not sure if I was logged in at the time, but I assume I would have been..! Cheers
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