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  1. Dear Edward, Keith Rogers, suggested to replace the RAM module (might be faulty) with a 1 GB one. I just did so and everything works fine now. Many thanks for the fantastic support. Nick
  2. Dear Eward, I tried all your suggestions (incl masterboot on usb). I was able to install the 7.9.9. once an rebooted the desk. Everything seems to work. Except on a second or third reboot the 'X' reappeared and the desk wasn't working anymore. I tried to install different software : 7.9.7 - 7.9.8 - 7. .....but it always stopped at the 'X' Finally with the old version from 2007 the desk is working. What can be wrong? Nick
  3. Thanks Edward for the quick respons, but.....I carefully followed your instructions.........after 2x Z symbol; the famous X cross appears and nothing happens anymore (waited for 45 min). Th curious thing is that I can install the 7.8.8 software, but on reboot it crashes and the desk needs a full software install (corrupt) I tried different software updates.....but no succes. Is there a way to get into the bios; to verify if HDD USB sticks are accepted. The F2 button isn't workign with the software. Nick
  4. hello, Up to now my leapfrog worked fine with version 7.9.8.....but last week it crashed, during programming 15 moving heads. Now I'm unable to reinstall any version of recent software......except version from 2007. This is the only one that works fine. I checked the hardware; all cables are in place. I even changed the flashcard (1GB) at the bottom (no card found at the top, near the processor) and replaced it with a 4 GB one. Unscrewed the processor and placed it nicely back....so no loose contact there. HELP what's wrong? sincerely yours, Nick Pollefeyt, Belgium
  5. Can I obtain a library file for Contest Thunder 80? greetings, Nick
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