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  1. Davidmk


    Ditto Uriahdemon above (relatively new to FLX and mainly busking bands) To make the most of the available MMFS, I put several cues onto some of them (and on the master playback). That way I can select the individual cues by holding down the Go button and typing the cue number. This works best where each cue "replaces" the others (i.e. you would never want them at the same time). For example. One MFF has a cue for each of the gobos on our moving heads (including "open"). Another has various colour states for the LED PARs (with a 3s colour fade on each cue). The cue doesn't start until you let go of the Go button which I find very convenient - I can get something ready and take my finger off at exactly the right moment. The downside is you can only select a cue on one playback at a time so you have to do them quickly if you want a lot of things at (nearly) the same time. You can improve on this a bit using the remote switches (see my earlier post on them) and/or a MIDI device to fire - single cue - playbacks on other pages. PM me if you'd like to discuss busking for gigs, I'm still optimising how I do it on FLX but I've been lighting professional bands with a couple of other desks for nearly 20yrs so I'm pretty familiar with the problems.
  2. Free assignable soft button page - Ooo, yes please!!!
  3. Davidmk

    FLX Startup issue

    Files sent The start up was in progress then the screens in the snap shots came up and start up halted.
  4. Davidmk

    FLX Startup issue

    The error ocurred during start up. Had to power cycle to get the desk up. Requested files will be in the mail shortly.
  5. Davidmk

    FLX Startup issue

    Had a problem when I started up my desk yesterday. Debug file attached.Switched off & back on, saved the debug file and the desk behaved for the rest of the evening. Startup show file & screenshots available if required. debug_9-10-2019_16-35-09.zdb
  6. In order of priority (to me)... High - Faders screen able to display any playback page, not just the one selected on the main desk. I use a wing (obviously not on the same page as the main desk) plus a midi keypad to fire playbacks on yet another page - very annoying being unable to see these without changing pages on the main desk (I always forget to change back for one thing). If view+page up/down or view+cursor left/right (or up/down) aren't doing anything then they might be ways to select the page (sorry FLX-S users) but I expect you'll think of something. Medium - Midi notes/cues. As it stands this operates on the currently viewed playback. Would it be possible to add an option in setup to select a particular playback instead. "Currently viewed" is just too vague for my purposes. Low - I've had the occasional problem when I have inadvertently hit channels/playback, page up or page down. Might be nice to have a way to lock these (press and hold for a number of seconds maybe).
  7. Hi Tristan. If you are still looking, I sent my number by PM.
  8. (This is all assuming I have the right manual of course 🙂)
  9. It probably comes up as strobe under beam parameters. Try setting it to 255 or 100%. Refer to the fixture manual to see why. EQLED068_Manual.pdf
  10. No expert on this fixture but have a look at what value ch7 is set to. A common trap (with non-LEDs) is that the shutter has to be set to something non-zero for any light to come out. Some LED fixtures seem to emulate this behaviour. You will also need one or more of the RGBW channels to be non-zero but I suspect you've thought of that.
  11. Davidmk

    FLX Remote buttons

    Old Frog user. I used a key fob remote and receiver, set up a cue for each fixture then used the key fob to step through them when focusing. It was a three button fob so I used one as "shift" to get four options... reset to 1st spot cue, reset to 1st wash cue, next cue and previous cue. Saved a lot of walking along the catwalks. Not necessary now, with the remote app.
  12. Davidmk

    FLX Remote buttons

    I'm guessing Edward"s reply will reference the fact that other desks can only have 6 remote switches.
  13. Davidmk

    FLX Remote buttons

    That is useful to know. Thanks. Not quite as useful as a direct button on the console but great if your soldering proves to be unreliable mid show.
  14. Davidmk

    FLX Remote buttons

    Suggestion for a lower tech alternative to that described in "FLX Remote Button Box - PCB Layout By jw-lighting, July 3, 2015" Remote Switches for FLX.pdf
  15. Worked out the cue editing problem. My cues don't have any intensity information (this is delberate), they do have colour parameter information so it makes no sense to edit the cue fade, it does make sense to edit the colour fade. When I selected the colour fade time I could edit it, no problem. Now my colours fade in but they mix with the colours already there rather than replacing them. Suggestions welcome but I'm going to look at what I tagged when I recorded the cue and also whether it is doing HTP or LTP. I'll keep you posted on that. I had another, vaguely related, problem with colours in my gig this evening - I have a number of playbacks set up for colour mixing. After taking the Red playback to zero I found the actual level remained high. I had a similar problem with blue a bit later. Viewing the cue on screen with "source" selected showed it was the relevant colour playback even though the fader was at zero. Manually releasing the playback solved the issue (but did cause a sudden colour change on stage). Not sure what I did that led up to it and once I'd released the playback it all worked normally and didn't happen again. So, lots for me to work out before my next gig. 🙂
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