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  1. If you aren't using your second universe and if your splitters work when not cascaded then you could send U1 on both outputs, one to each splitter.
  2. That's a point. I'll try and make the desk is connected to power before anything else. I don't think I had a fixed order, can't remember, its been so long
  3. Everything Edward says is, of course, correct. I would add another reason which is that many dimmers remember their last state until they get a new DMX signal. From this it follows that the last state on the desk should be all intensities to zero with the desk turned off last. That said, in our venue, the main power switches for the dimmers are in the dimmer room, nearer the stage door than the desk position (I pass it on the way in while dragging my desk behind me) so I turn them on first, then its the desk, power to the DMX fixtures and lamp-on to the moving heads (when I'm ready to use
  4. If you want to know the colour values of a fixture or the palette they come from then there's always the parameter information on the output window... See the manual at https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros/desktops-windows/output-window if you think that might help.
  5. That's brilliant. I'd look at doing something similar except I regularly have to carry my desk up a spiral staircase so I have to keep it down to something I can lift with one hand.
  6. And that sticks OK? I'm impressed! Have you got a link to the film you used?
  7. Ah, now I've been trying OHP film with the buttons and labels printed onto it with a cut out plastic frame underneath. It works but I think I need a precision cut frame. I print the OHP in reverse and then turn it over so the ink is protected - especially useful if I wanted to put traditional LX tape labels on top and I attach it to the frame (and the frame to the Launch) with double sided tape. I'm happy with that part of it. In trying to make the frame a precise match I printed the button layout onto an A4 label and stuck that to my sheet of 1.5mm plastic but my cutting out with a
  8. On a parallel note... If you must put a date in a file name then using international standard date format (year month day) will keep your versions in order (when sorted by file name). So rather than "morely dance sept 2020 r1" call your file "morely dance 2020 09 r1" Just a suggestion of course.
  9. A number of people have had similar issues, take a look in this topic - in particular to Edward-88 's post of 24th September.
  10. I think it's more a matter of not having a choice, those controllers with buttons you can't use because they only send CCs. Enabling both CCs and notes would mean you could fire a given pb with either the note or CC with the equivalent value. You'd still only get the first 128 playbacks maximum. (From here I assume you have chosen to use as many midi controls as possible, references to 128 would, of course, be less if you only have a few controls on your chosen midi device.) Yes, we do. It still means reserving the first 128 playbacks, mostly doing nothing themselves, just redirec
  11. Thanks Edward. Glad to hear you do get time off, enjoy
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