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  1. claudius

    Upgrade Illusion 120

    Hi, im working in a theatre in Bonn right now and we are using the Illusion 120. We are getting a lot of new stuff right now and i have a question to this board. First i would like to know if we could somehow get more space to save things on the board, cause we are using a lot of chasers and its just not enough space right now.... the next thing is that we probably have to use some moving lights soon. Since this board doesnt support moving lights, is there any way to upgrade the hardware on this board so we can use moving lights without buying a new board. One more question: I am afraid to install the new software update because right now we are using a 2. something version and all our shows are saved on floppys for this program. Can i use the old floppys on the new software or would i have to do everything again. we have shows every day right now so i would not have time for that. Thats all. Would be very cool if u could answer to my questions. Thanks a lot for right now. Claudius

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