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  1. Sorry for wasting your time, just restarted it and its working fine. Thank you for your help Edward.
  2. When I press go all it does is launches 3 white screens and I can't go back to the screen with the tick boxes. Heres a screenshot of what happens
  3. Hello Edward, This is the version I am running, I selected the desk and they stay greyed out, I then press go and that's when the screens just stay white.
  4. Hello, I recently installed PhantomZeroOS to be able to gain experience of the controller on my pc as there I need to learn how to use it a bit more before the event but I don't have access to the controller. I downloaded it but when it came to running it I chose OrbXF as the desk (the desk I need to get used to) but all the options below off monitors front panels and lcd's where greyed out, I thought nothing of it but when it came to pressing the go button it just displays a white screen for half an hour and then I checked in task manager and it had crashed, since then I have tried
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