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  1. Hi Edward, Thanks for your response. Hmm, this isn't as ideal as what was in the Beta version. Since we have staff and students of different "technical" competence including very low, and having the desk start-up in a known state was the ideal. You know, "just turn it off and on again" and it should work, kind of thing. With this feature absent, we'll just have to train everyone and leave a quick-start guide next to the unit. But since people don't read in general, I can imagine it will be quite a few call-outs for tech assistance. Let me know if you have any ideas of h
  2. Hello Edward, I have just installed Phantom ZerOS 7.9.5 and am having trouble finding the feature that you said was going to be included in this release, ie the "Boot up with Playbacks selected". Please see the 4 posts above from March 5th. I remember seeing this in a beta release, but can't find it in the official release. This is critical for us, as I have 5 FLX S's waiting for this feature before I deploy them around the educational site that I manage. It's been 6 months holding onto new devices waiting for this firmware upgrade. Can you please confirm that it has been im
  3. Hi O Thompson, You could ask your network admin if they would do "DHCP address leasing by MAC address", that way the fixed MAC address of the console will always have the same IP. Then it would be effectively static, and you could know the address to connect with the Remote Monitor app. But since it's on a different subnet, Remote Monitor would still benefit from the proposed feature of "IP Address Saving", because it won't be populated automatically. Jon, Edward - thoughts? Cheers, MD.
  4. Hi Jon and Edward, (Sorry for the delay. Crazy busy.) This feature would be highly highly desired, so please look into including that into the next release. As I said, this is especially for emergency quick connect to remote consoles. We have ~7x FLX S's located on different sub-nets, which physically translates to different buildings and/or venues in a large educational institution. IP addresses: (eg) (Gateway = (Gateway = (Gateway = ... etc. ie:- "10 . Building# . AV_Net . FLX_IP_Address_in
  5. Hello, We have 7x FLX S consoles on our site. When I open the Remote Monitor App, I need to manually enter the IP, name and password of each console every time. This is very annoying, especially for emergency venue support. Is there a way that the program can save the manually added consoles, so that I get a list of which device I could connect to? I use the "Remote Monitor" app on iPad, iPhone and on the PC. So a solution for all platforms would be ideal. Thanks in advance. Regards, Matthew
  6. Hi Edward, Could this please be put in as a feature request? Perhaps a "Shift + Backspace" clears the whole command line. Thanks in advance. Matthew
  7. Thanks Edward, Is there a command for clearing the whole command line? Pressing Backspace clears one field, but I'm finding I need to press this many times if there's a large command line built up. Thanks in advance. Matthew
  8. Hi Edward, Thanks again for your response. This is a very productive thread. So can you please confirm that this is the current answer to my initial questions, combined from multiple threads and messages:- Controlling FLX S via a keyboard in "ZerOS Remote Monitor" App (on PC/Laptop or Tablet):- Z / Shift Key (toggle) Cntl + Z (To exit "Quick Access Functions", press Cntl + Z again.) (Enters "Quick Access Functions", but this is only displayed on the Internal screen, not the external monitor.) Channel / Playback (toggle)
  9. Thanks again Edward, So is that Boot Option going to be in the next release? That will be a good start. Regards, Matthew
  10. Hi Edward, Thanks for your reply. If possible, can this please be escalated, as this feature is really important to our situation. The use case is:- A user turns on the whole venue from a Touch Panel inside the performance space, which powers up the FLX S48 (via a networked PDU). (But the rack and FLX S is located 2 mins walk away, up many stairs in a BioBox.) The user turns on the iPad and connects to the FLX S via "ZerOS Remote Monitor" app to control the lighting remotely. The user still CANNOT control the lighting because they have to walk up to the biobox and
  11. Thank you Edward for your response, and for all the developments in the new version. I have installed the latest Beta release and I can see the new options on the External monitor. It's so much better, but still missing a few options to enable control when not at the console, (eg controlling the lights via an iPad or laptop):- Could you please include the controls:- A virtual button for changing the Fader Display to be "Channels" or "Playbacks". ie on the external monitor, in the bottom half, in the MFF display window, when "Fader" is selected: please include the abil
  12. Thank you for your response. And sorry for my delayed response. So there's no hard fault in doing this, just a reliability and security issue. Thanks again. Matthew
  13. Hello, Is there a way to trigger these buttons from the ZerOs monitor app:- Z / Shift Key (toggle) Channel / Playback (toggle) Page Change 1..48:49..96 (toggle) Record Update Delete Setup Clear View Reason:- Since the ZerOS Monitor displays what is on the FLX S external monitor of the console, therefore from my PC (or iPad), I can only control and see whatever is actually displayed on the external monitor. So when the console powers on in "Channels" mode, if I am not near the console, there is no way I can control
  14. Hello, is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the FLX S consoles for when I'm using a USB keyboard in the console, or for ZerOS Monitor App on a remote PC or iPad? I have worked out a few., eg selecting / adding / excluding channels. Are there commands for Select "1 THRU 10" Selecting attributes Thru Record Update Delete etc. There is a list on page 5 on the FLX Training Guide ( https://eaton.nanorep.co/storage/nr1/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3AF13603/5/Zero 88 Training Session - FLX training notes.pdf ), but what about for the FLX S models?
  15. Hi Edward, Thanks for you reply. The 1024x768 resolution must be what is causing the pixelated image on the external monitor, and also the iPad. I'm guessing it's the same image used for both, just stretched over the external monitor, and again on the iPad? Are there any plans to improve the resolution of this image? The Phantom ZerOS has a cleaner more native pixel allocation, except for the Front Panel window, which is almost unreadable, even at full maximised state. (please see screen shot attached). And this happens for both "High Quality Scaling" on or off, i
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