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  1. I have recovered the console, what is the name of the file ? debugXXX ? The software is debug_31-12-1969_19-00-47.zdb
  2. jb07

    fog machine

    It's a fog machine not a smoke machine 45w (very low for a triac) no heating body and instant operation ref : Antari HZ-100
  3. I have a fog machine that I connect on a dimmable block but I don't would like to avoid having the dimmer to make it work in "all or nothing" The block is a : showtec multidim mkII
  4. Hello Saturday night, my console planted in full concert (lights blocked with a "Z" in the middle of the screen). I had a message inviting me to send an email but I did not have time to write the email address. Thanks
  5. 1:What do you mean by "Tilt Reverse Function"? when you press "setup(fixture schedule)" and select "tilt" fixture; you can inverse tilt for do an "miror effect" 2:I would like to drive the tilt with the fader in the channel page; I tried to create fixture with only 1 dimmer with the address of the tilt; it works but the master fader also makes me move my head and I do not have the menu "PAN / TILT grid" thanks ans sorry for my poor english
  6. Hello, I took the time and here is the best result I have: I created -5 RGBW spot fixtures, -5 TILT fixtures, -1 Dimmer fixture and -1 Fixture Strob For have the pan / tilt grid I had to create a pan on a virtual channel. I still have 2 worries: -The tilt reverse function does not work, is it due to the virtual pan? -how to drive tilts with the faders (knowing that I created a fixture with 1 single TILT channel and 1 virtual PAN) thaks for your help
  7. jb07

    remote on android

    hello it is an old tablet ACER A500 with android 4.0.3
  8. ok I succeeded (finally)
  9. Hello I wanted to retry to update but impossiblem I do not understand. I downloaded the file PhantomZeroOS; I unzip on a blank usb stick the exe file I put the usb sitck on the console; setup and load the exe file; after the 2 warnings; I have an error : looking for upgrade package; file does not contain an Upgrade package; upgrade fail thanks
  10. hellom the link is bad : Error code: 2S119/1
  11. Hello I have copied the file "phantomZerOS MD beta.exe" on the root of the USB stick setup; load file; select "phantomZerOS MD beta.exe"; 2 advertissments and upgrade failled; File does not contain an upgrade package Thanks
  12. I have fallow the instruction of the software cf picture If I go to load; I have no file on the USB drive If I see the usb drive on a computer; I have a directory "install" and a file "6q_bootscript"
  13. Hello I have try the update but it doesn't work I have download and unzip de zip file I have execute the exe file with a new uSB drive I have plug the usb in the usb port of the rear of the console I have swith ON the console The software stay is the 7;9;4.3
  14. Hello I've try to lauch remote on my android tablette m but the screen stay on a "Z" and a little "z" thanks
  15. I have send an email, what is new with this version ?
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