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  1. Correction: I misread your reply and didn't realise you have to press RECORD and then EFFECT before selecting the effect palette. However, would it be possible to revise this functionality so pressing the EFFECT key is not required? It seems like an unnecessary step when you can select the effect palette directly via the window.
  2. This is exactly the behaviour I am not experiencing, as it seems the green filters are completely ignored when recording a palette. I will upload a video shortly to demonstrate the issue. Would it also be possible for me to gain access to any public/private beta (if you have one)? Do you have any sort of roadmap for future features? I'd love to be able to flesh out this platform some more!
  3. Hi Edward, I edited my reply -- that was indeed the problem. However it is still incredibly frustrating that you have to save the palette via the command line, I don't quite understand why you can't simply tap on the palette or use an MFK to store the attributes. I am near certain this used to be possible on older versions of ZerOS. Thanks
  4. I do the following: - load the effect into the programmer - set the intensity to 50 - press record* - set "Intensity" and "Effect" to green - Type "48" (for example) and hit enter The effect is again stored in an effect palette, but the tagged attributes still aren't stored. The only time any other attributes are stored is via the snapshot function, and this will store them when using the effects palette window as opposed to command line syntax. This seems like really inconsistent behaviour (snapshot + click will save attributes but record + click will not)
  5. Hi, If I assign the Speed Override function to a fader, and then run an effect either via a playback or directly from the programmer, adjusting the fader seems to make no change to the speed of the running effect. I have also tried setting "Fader Controls: Effect" on the playback, this seems to make no change. It's worth noting that setting a fader to a grand master control does work, so it seems strictly related to the Speed Override function.
  6. I also have a fairly large show on Friday so if this could be fixed by then (or I could get access to the beta versions?) that would be highly appreciated.
  7. When using a fully intelligent rig it is typical not to have any fixtures assigned to the 48 channel faders on the desk. It would be HUGELY beneficial to be able to use these 48 faders as playbacks. I personally believe this would greatly open up the functionality of the desk to a significant degree, as it's quite difficult to build up complex looks across an array of fixtures when you only can access 10 playbacks at a time (or 20-30 depending on how dextrous you are managing playbacks across multiple pages). It's possible to do this on Avolites desks (for example) and this fairly simple
  8. Hi, In the latest v7.9.6 update, when creating an effect, any tagged parameters are not correctly stored into the effect palette when recording the effect. To reproduce: - Select any fixtures, and create an effect in the waveform tab - Set the value of another parameter in the programmer, such as Colour, or Intensity - Press record - Select the attribute(s) you wish to store in the effect palette; any tagged attributes will already be selected (note how Intensity and Colour are selected here): ) - Store to any palette, but note how only the effect is
  9. This would be really useful as it's pretty hard to figure out what the buttons are on-the-fly. A background image in the window which has all the same labels as the desk (as opposed to rendering each label individually) would be fine.
  10. There are labels for every button on the Solution: The issue is that I don't see any.
  11. I've been suffering with this bug in Phantom ZerOS for a while now where the labels of buttons on the front panel window don't show. For example (on the Solution): However in Phantom Jester the labels appear fine: You can see that some labels appear fine (the ones on the buttons) on desks like the Orb: However the "background image" (ie. the lines on the desk behind the faders) are still missing. I've also tried uninstalling & updating to the latest version of ZerOS (v7.9.6) which didn't seem to help. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Just thought of something else-- Shift + Key to open window onto the current selected desktop Currently when you use the shift+key combo to open a window (ie SHIFT+COLOUR to open the colour pallette window) it will typically open onto Desktop 1. Would it be possible to make it open onto the desktop you are currently looking at, as opposed to opening the window and then having to cycle through Special->Screen until it opens on the correct desktop? Thanks!
  13. Hey! I've been using the Solution for a few weeks now (on the latest firmware) and have a ton of bugs, suggestions and questions I wanted to discuss. Weird behaviour on cues when using 'Fader Controls: Colour' Suppose I have 4 moving head washes with a Default preset/home (Record button -> Home -> Default) of full white, straight up. Now I create a Playback with 3 cues, using red, blue, and green colours in each queue respectively. Then open the setup for the Playback, and set 'Fader Controls' to 'Colour'. There are two things that I notice: 1) When fadi
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