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  1. AlexTec

    flx s 48 512

    Thanks for your reply Edward. I'll try it via "FixtureSupport". Kind regards, Alex
  2. AlexTec

    flx s 48 512

    Hello Edward. I have a problem with the "Stairville B5R" fixture. The device is present in the library, but the gobo icons are not displayed. The parameters are absolutely the same as "Clay Paky Sharpy". I re-created the Sharpy, gobos are shown. How can I apply the Sharpy icons for B5R so that the gobo image does not disappear? Is there a trick? Kind regards, Alextec (Translated by google translator)
  3. AlexTec

    Moving-head light powered from a dimmer.

    you can feed the devices indirectly via dmx. For example via DMX Switchpack (BeamZ 4 Chanel DMX)
  4. AlexTec

    flx s 48 512

    I disabled RigSync and that solved the problem pretty much. Thank you for helping out.
  5. AlexTec

    flx s 48 512

    Thank you
  6. AlexTec

    flx s 48 512

    Hello. I have new FLX S 48 512. Fixtures from library reissued, working except 6 Cameo LEDStudioPar64. Software 7.9.4. 6Ch-Mode, 9Ch-Mode tried - all colors flakern (like Strobo). Cable plugged into a MA console - no more flickering. Where is the problem ? Thank you

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