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  1. at the moment the dwell time is timing from when the previous memory finishes fading, (so a 2 second dwell on an auto cue with a 3 second fade up time,will actually actually trigger 5 seconds after the previous cue is fired) can the dwell time be changed so that it starts from the point that the previous cue is fired, so you could fire cue 1, and 2 seconds after that cue2 could fire automatically, even though cue1 hasnt finished fading. if that was the case, it woudl be possible to do so much more with fading in scenes, and have differnet parts of teh stage fade up in different times. it would be a useful feature, and one which is present on many theatre consoles.
  2. having read the manual, to trigger a remote switch, you jsut have to short the pin to ground. however im wanting to create a remote control, which will have LED's on it, which will light when a switch is pressed. the electronics to do this im happy with, but this would also result in connecting the remote pin, through a battery (say, 3volts), through the led, through the switch and back into ground. would putting a battery in the connection damage the desk, or have any effect on the operation of the remote switch? thanks, matt
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